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image of HSBC Bank
image of HSBC Bank

About – HSBC Bank

HSBC in Africa connects clients to opportunities through more than 6,100 offices throughout the country.

With a Global reach and banking services offered around the world, our firm has the capacity to use their global connections to assist South Africans with the benefits of business banking off leveraged value.

Our people are ambitious and skilled

This adds to the fulfilling of their duties when helping businesses with the right banking solution to suit their business needs. We help businesses thrive and prosper, lifting you up in the economic world through your hopes and ambitions. Our group was established in 1981 when we showed presence in the Sub-Saharan African continent. Since then, our market has expanded through Hong Kong, Shanghai and the United Kingdom.

Today we are proud to be part of one of the largest global banking markets in the world. Our commercial banking business services offer assistance to local and international corporate clients.

Strategic global presence and local expertise

We connect with our business clients through our knowledge, international advisory, financing and trading needs. We offer access to inside information on economics, currencies, fixed income and climate change. Our analysts continuously monitor and compare the markets and offer their knowledge and advise on the growing markets which offer investment choices made easy for our customers.

Services – HSBC Bank

HSBC welcomes all corporate clients to make use of our innovative capabilities and product solutions, where the inspiration for your growing business begins.

We offer these services to our business clients:

  • Credit and lending - We offer long and short term loans customised to meet your specific funding needs. You can use our lending and credit services to finance investments and business growth or request working capital to increase your cash flow and manage the day to day expenses within your business.
  • Overdraft facilities - Risk is minimised with our overdraft facilities, we improve your cash flow by offering easy access to cash when you need it unexpectedly.
  • Revolving loans - A revolving loan can help you to clear your debt. Get that assistance of working capital to cover your short term day to day costs by drawing and repaying cash when you need it, providing your overdraft is paid off on a regular basis.
  • Exports - Be in control of your exports, improve business cash flow and manage risks associated with international trade using HSBC’s export finance facilities.

We hold a significant presence in local markets worldwide

We have trade specialists with vast knowledge to help you assess emerging market risks and give you the tools to expand your business internationally. With HSBC Bank, you remain in control of your business, while we handle the finance. Improve your cash flow and expand on your business capital with services and solutions that make running your business a whole lot easier.

Summary of Services

  • BANKING Services
  • LOAN Services

HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial firms in the world

HSBC offers financial services across the globe covering more than 71 countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America.

Our South African branches are able to leverage off their global partners to offer clients in South Africa the best possible business banking solutions, with the growing markets.

We offer our business clients opportunities to thrive

HSBC is currently listed on the London, Hong Kong, New York, Paris and Bermuda stock exchanges, shares in HSBC Holdings plc are held by about 213,000 shareholders in 132 countries and territories and assist more than 47 million customers!

In South Africa, HSBC operates from the main hub in Johannesburg, covering every inch of the country in business banking alternatives. We offer growth and knowledge to all our clients, guaranteeing exceptional quality service at all times.

HSBC investor relations

We offer valuable information such as financial reports, dividend and stock exchange information investor presentations and much more which will be of great use to new and existing investors.

HSBC believes that having a sustainable banking partner in your corner can be the most beneficial asset to have and play a positive role in today’s global economy. Through consistency, your business can leverage off the growing markets and make a considerable profit.

We are an organisation is distinctive through its individual service delivery to its clients. Our purpose is to help businesses to thrive, economies to prosper and people to realise their ambitions and reach their financial goals.

HSBC aims to be the world’s leading international bank

We have the capacity and the ability to assist small and large companies with their domestic and international growth. We offer wealth management services and investing in retail banking in markets where a profitable scale is achievable. HSBC initial aim was to be a local bank serving the international needs of their business clients.

Since then, we have opened its doors for business around the world and serve millions of customers.

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 Contact Details

2 Exchange Square, 85 Maude Street, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2000, South Africa
Ph: (011) 676-4200
Fx: (011) 676-4669

 Postal Address

Private Bag X 785434 Sandton, Johannesburg, 2146, South Africa

 Universal Branch Code

HSBC Bank’s universal branch code: 58 7000

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