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Standard Bank Business Loan

  • Drive your growth strategy
  • Reliable access to funds
  • Flexible terms

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About Standard Bank

Standard Bank is by far South Africa’s most experienced financial services provider with over 154 years of experience in providing expert business loan solutions.

They are focused on your financial wellbeing, by helping you succeed in every aspect of your life, through the service delivery of their financial products.

All loan type solutions available

Be it a short-term loan or long-term lending requirements you may need, they have the capabilities and the financial stability to help you get the service you need. They assist clients through guidance and financial means, to help them with personal or business finance options.

A business loan with an international footprint

Their footprint through Africa exceeds over 20 African countries, where they have branches available for clients to access their compatible business loans. With their open communication policy with their clients, transparency and reliability are at the helm of their business loan service delivery. They treat you with respect and they are always available to help.

Standard Bank upholds its driven passion for the financial sector. Through their value-added business loans, they have had many successful years of helping clients reach their goals and dreams.

Going the extra mile for every client

With rewards through their account program, online share trading, and assistance with growing your business with BizConnect, they offer more than you can expect from a financial services provider. Get your business loan and all you need from your nearest Standard Bank Branch!

Standard Bank Services

You need to uphold the terms of the agreement to make the business loan work for you properly.

They can meet with you to discuss your business loan requirements and create your portfolio. This will include an amount in line with your business loan needs, as well as a specially calculated repayment contract, that will work within your budget.  You would best suit one of their business loans if you would like to increase your capital and business growth, purchase assets, equipment or even expand or renovate your current business.

Reap all the rewards and benefits

They offer many benefits with their business loan options including, business loans up to an amount of R50 000, however, a higher amount can be arranged depending on your ability to pay it off. They are flexible and work within your business parameters. Your business loan account can be conveniently linked to the Standard Bank self-servicing banking channels. They offer fixed repayment terms throughout the term of your loan contract.

Proper business loan solution

Clients with a Standard Bank Business Current account are eligible to apply for a loan. They offer business loans to clients who are looking to grow their existing businesses. Standard Bank knows that trying to grow your company requires capital and the kind of cash you need is usually a large amount.

A wealth of experience in business finance

Standard Bank has over 154 years of experience in helping businesses just like yours, grow to their full capacity, and flourish in the business world. They offer business finance to clients who can provide them with details revolving around their business model, their product offering, and the market that they target.

Standard Bank – Business loan

  • Loan Type Business loans

Benefits of Standard Bank

  • Simply online application
  • Access to funds with flexible terms
  • Affordable rates

Business loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
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Standard Bank can provide you with a business loan to take your business further

They have a convenient tool on their website, guiding you on how to draw up your business plan, which will give them all they need to know about your business.

Standard Bank will need a statement showing your assets and liabilities for all your business partners, members, and directors. They will also need a breakdown of your projected income, turnover expenses, and contributions from stakeholders and business owners.

Other business loan application requirements

Your application will need supporting documents including the lease agreement of your business property, or the deed of sale if you own the building. They will have to do the usual credit checks to ensure you are in line with the National Credit Regulator, for them to approve an amount required for your business loan application.

Benefits of Standard Bank

  • Simple online business loan
  • Access to funds with flexible terms.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Drive your growth strategy.
  • Reliable access to funds.

Standard Bank can provide you with a business loan to take your business further. They are an expert provider of long-term finance for business ventures.

Enabling businesses to grow

Getting a business loan in South Africa can allow you to add value to your company as well as have the ability to let it reach its greatest potential. Standard Bank has a process in place that will help you get your business off the ground in no time.

How to get a business loan

To get started with your application, simply contact their business consultant via telephone or email, and you can expect a phone call from them to discuss your business loan requirements. Being an existing client makes the whole process a lot quicker for their clients, as they already have all your personal and banking details on their system.

Qualify for a business loan without hassle

They strive to provide a convenient and easy way for their business account holders to take their businesses further, with the extra capital they need to grow. Standard Bank provides quality-driven customer service to every client, ensuring that they meet their expectations, and follow through with a positive result through every interaction.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2021

A Business Loan from Standard Bank was my way to climb the ladder of success in the business world since my business was already doing well but it just needed a push in the right direction.

Adelaide B
— Bellville —

June 2021

When Standard Bank came to my rescue I was devastated about how I would get the cash to keep my business afloat.

Josh M
— Bothaville —

May 2021

Standard Bank is the bank that exceeds the standard of business loans overall. They went above and beyond to ensure I was all set with my business loan.

Tristan A
— East London —

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