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About – Auto Dealer

Auto Dealer is one of South Africa’s largest online auto dealerships, making life easier for clients who like to shop online.

We save our clients time, by adding new and used vehicles onto our trading site, for easy access. Clients can apply for vehicle finance even if they are blacklisted. We provide an instant decision on your finance application, so you can start searching for the vehicle you like.

Staying ahead in the industry

With today’s busy lifestyles and hectic schedules, clients find that when they need vehicle finance, be it a new or used vehicle, using an online platform can make the world of difference to one’s life. With everything now moving towards online technology, it makes better sense to follow with the trends and provide a service through the same medium. The benefits of Auto Dealer, are that we can provide the finance and the car, all-in-one spot!

Fast turnaround times

We are the motor advertising website that provides vehicle finance and much more.  We assist thousands of clients every week, to find a loan they need for the vehicle they want, as well as selling their used cars in faster turnaround times than if you were to take your car into a dealership.

User-friendly online service

With all the information you need at your fingertips, you don’t even need to leave your home or office to get the car loan you need anymore. It’s simple, its user friendly, and everyone can do it.

Just register by completing the application form and one of our consultants will contact you to help you get what you want.

Services – Auto Dealer

The best online platform, whereby clients have access to getting vehicle finance, buying a vehicle and selling their vehicle, all under one roof.

Endless car financing options

The perks of using an online platform, is that you get more information regarding the loan options, on our very informative site.

  • GET REPAYMENT terms of between 6 and 60 months on our finance options
  • OUR ANNUAL percentage rates are extremely low, with unsecured credit transactions available.
  • OUR MAXIMUM APR rate of 27% is appealing to all motorists needing finance to purchase their next car.
  • CLIENTS are able to apply for a second loan after three payments on their initial loan.

Own the car of your dreams

Through a few simple easy to use steps, you can be driving off in the car of your dreams with an affordable car loan. Be it a bakkie, 4x4, convertible or car, we have it all online for you to choose from.

Simply apply online with your personal details and the vehicle you are looking for, or even browse through the vehicles online.

24/7 online website

For the convenience of our clients, we have a 24/7 platform, that allows you to keep updated of new and used cars anytime every day of the week, with finance available at your fingertips!

Summary of Services

  • Vehicle finance
  • Car insurance
  • Online loans

Buying and selling your car online is easier with Auto Dealer

Here is a quality driven platform online, for convenience, safety and faster processing of your car loans.

Find a car anywhere in SA & get the cash to pay for it!

Our clients get full access to a detailed overview of thousands of used and new vehicles, which are divided into the region of where you live. We have cars inationwide, and we help you with the vehicle financing you need by completing our simple application form, which takes only 5 minutes of your time.

Auto Dealer provides all you need on one easy to use platform, which requires very little time on your part.

Get a world of choice of vehicles

Our online platform allows you to search the car model, make, region and pricing bracket you require. Our financing options will allow you to get access to cash for any vehicle models between 1999 and older. With our library of cars updating continuously, you can create a wish list, which will update you on new cars entering our site all the time. You will be the first to hear of a car within your requirements instantaneously.

Pick any type of vehicle

You have the options of sedans, hatchbacks, SUV’s, bakkies, coupes and convertible’s. Everything and anything you could possibly be wanting will be on our website.

Wanting to sell?

We also have the option for you to advertise your vehicle online should you want to sell. If you want a versatile low cost vehicle, we also have a specials section, where cars are sold at the lowest prices.

Simpler & quicker to finance the car you want

  • DON’T WASTE any more time driving around looking at every dealership in your neighbourhood then having to make an appointment at your bank to get the finance. You could be missing out on an excellent car loan deal, or just not finding what you want and settling for something else.
  • DON’T SETTLE for second best; get a loan and buy a car today through Auto Dealer.

Register and search, apply for a loan, add to your wish list, and drive off in style.

 Contact Details

26 Broadway Blvd, Winston Estate, Strand, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7139, South Africa
Ph: 021 801 48 71 / 021 853 01 33