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About – Vehicle Finance

Clients in South Africa can get private car finance with incredible deals with Vehicle Finance online.

We provide online loan services to our clients with easier and quicker processes that make your life so much easier. We understand today’s world. We work 9 to 5 jobs, fetch kids from school, and still have to find time to squeeze in a loan application where we can.

Understanding of our clients' needs

Coming through the month financially is not always a streamlined or simple thing any more.

Making payments on rent, on your living expenses and those unexpected accounts takes a toll on us. We have made one part of your stressful day a little less complicated.

You can get vehicle finance online

With no paperwork, no leaving your chair at all. We use our experience of years in the vehicle finance industry to leverage the best deals for our clients.

Every client receives a personal caring service, where we assist from beginning to end, to help you get a cheaper and more affordable offer.

Independent, reliable lender

As an independent firm, we are allowed to make our own rules, and don’t charge a third party fee to cover the middle man, leaving our clients smiling when they see what they have to pay each month.

Services – Vehicle Finance

With Vehicle Finance you can apply for a car loan online. No more complicated paperwork and providing piles of documents.

We have the innovative technology to assist you with quicker vehicle finance in SA than ever before. Our clients need to complete a very short registration and application form, with a few personal details, and we will source the best loan structure to purchase your next vehicle.

Immediate pre-approval

We provide immediate loan pre-approval on your application, allowing you to start looking for a vehicle in the price bracket that you qualify for.

If you are approved, we may require an SA ID document to prove you are a South African resident, three months’ pay slips to show you can afford to repay the loan, and three bank statements (most recent) to provide us with the banking details of your preferred bank account.

We will then contact you either by fax, email or telephone to take your application to the next step.

Additional services available

We will even assist you with getting your new car licensed and roadworthy. We are with you throughout your financing journey. Get your car loan sorted within 24 hours, and get the car you have always dreamed of driving.

Let us provide the financial means to make your life easier.

Summary of Services

  • Vehicle Finance

Vehicle Finance in South Africa offers clients better deals with benefits

One of South Africa’s most popular vehicle finance options out there.

With top innovative processes through a quick online application, we can enable your loan in minutes, and have you driving your new car the very same week.

Get car finance with these easy steps

  • APPLY via our platform online, we will conduct a brief credit check and verify your details, which you have entered. This will include the submission of your ID documents, three months bank statements, and three recent pay slips.
  • COMPLETE the vehicle finance amount, which you are requiring and we will process your application. Once we have your loan application approval, we will contact you as per your preferred correspondence. We will draw up a contract stating the terms and conditions of your loan, and send to you for signing.
  • YOU CAN conveniently calculate the car amount you require with the repayment amounts on our online calculator to make the process a little easier before applying. This will help you determine how much you can afford to borrow. With no hidden costs, we provide the amounts including the fees which are added for interest, in terms of the repayment plan structures.

The whole process is quick

All the information you provide to us will always remain confidential, and private. We believe in the privacy of our clients at all times. You will always remain a VIP client to us, and should you need any assistance during your partnership with us, you have access to our call line to speak to a consultant should you need to.

Try our online platform today

Get pre-approved for the amount you can smile about. Surprise your family when you come home from work in your new car, finance by experts who really care.

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