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image of Barclaycard

About – Barclaycard

Barclays was established in 1982 and has since grown into one of the largest banks in SA.

With an accredited name in the financial industry, we thrive on assisting our clients in achieving their financial goals.

Proud of our heritage

Winning accolades across the world, we are extremely proud of where we started, and how we have achieved our place in the banking industry today.

With our services reaching clients across the world, we provide a quality banking solution for clients no matter where they are. With our ability to customise financial solutions to every client, we can help you with whatever monetary need you have.

A vast range of financial services

We have positioned ourselves in the industry as one of the top performers, catering for every individual’s needs. From personal loans, credit card facilities and private banking, we have all you need in one firm, to create a financial revolution to your life.

We provide innovative techniques and up to date market strategies to keep our clients heading forward and not backwards. We have the tools, we have the people, and we have the reputation to take on any business.

With our internet banking paving the way to technology innovation, we provide easier methods and streamlined processes to make life easier for our clients.

Services – Barclaycard

Barclaycard is your gateway to affording worldwide services and experiences on credit you can afford.

Barclaycard offers credit card options that will allow you to enjoy life’s little pleasures, with rewards and benefits that are unique to our clients.

A Credit Card option to suit your needs

We offer a number of credit card options to suit your lifestyle and your budget. With the Barclaycard VISA credit card, Prime VISA credit card and Garage card, you can have credit at your fingertips for every stage of your life.

What do our card options offer you?

Barclaycard VISA credit card – is the perfect card for everyone. With 57 days interest free credit facilities and free travel insurance when travelling and booking your tickets with your visa credit card. Repayment terms are flexible with terms of between 6 and 48 months to pay off your balance. We provide lost card protection and secondary card options for family and friends.

Prime VISA credit card – get 57 days interest free on credit purchases as well as free access to airport lounges when purchasing your travel tickets with your visa credit card. Flexible repayment terms from between 6 and 48 months with budget facilities. Get emergency cash and visa assistance, with the option to qualify for a secondary credit card.

Garage Card – clients get lost card protection to protect you from fraud and theft on your card. Pay for fuel wherever and whenever you need it, and pay it off over flexible repayment terms.

Summary of Services

  • BANK Cards
  • CREDIT cards

Let the experts at Barclays make getting a credit card a simple solution to your credit needs

Getting a credit card is easier than ever.

We provide straightforward and simple processes, to make this often challenging and life changing event, a smooth one.

With less hassles, and people there to support you, we will help you get your credit card in no time at all. To get your credit card application process started, clients can simply visit one of our branches, which are conveniently located in every town in the country.

Along with your application, you will need to submit supporting documentation including:

  • A valid ID document (clients need to be permanent residents of South Africa). Clients must be over 18 years old to qualify for a credit card
  • A recent pay slip
  • A letter of employment confirmation from your employer – clients need to be employed at one company for one year at least.
  • Clients, who already bank with Barclays, will have quicker access to a credit card solution.

What happens next?

The application form can be retrieved from our website, or can be emailed to you before coming into our branch; this will also speed up the application process. Our contact email address for credit card enquiries is [email protected] or simply call 0861 227 25297 and one of our experienced consultants will assist you with your application.

Once we have a completed application form and supporting documentation, we can start to process your credit card request. We will provide you with the credit card and credit amount depending on your income and what you can afford to repay each month.

We will confirm your application approval in writing, via email or telephone, to ensure that you have the communication you need to move forward. A contract and agreement will be drawn up, including the repayment terms (monthly instalments). We are transparent with our credit facilities, so there are no hidden costs involved. A debit order will be set up for your monthly instalments, to create an easy payment on your behalf, and allowing you to budget your finances each month.

 Contact Details

South Africa
Ph: 0861 227 25297
Em: [email protected]