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About DebtBusters

DebtBusters was established back in 2008 as a division of Intelligent Debt Group.

We are a fairly young company, but the professionalism and expertise of our team have made us popular, respected and reliable.

Currently, we have over 15,000 customers and our numbers are growing. We proudly boast with a proven track record of success and the sole leadership in the South African market for debt consolidation products and services. No matter what your debt problem is we can solve it.

We give you financial stability

We are the largest company in the industry so if there is a solution for everyone who needs debt consolidation, you can rely on us to find it quickly and to provide you with the best solution suited for your needs in the quickest time. With DebtBusters, you can be debt-free in days rather than in years. Our numbers speak clearly about our achievements.

With the assistance of our professional team, DebtBusters has been found to find effective debt solutions for 96% of our customers.

DebtBusters Services

If you are in debt and struggle to make your payments, DebtBusters can help you.

We are among the leading consolidation specialists.

We offer the best solution to get you out of trouble no matter how difficult your financial situation may seem. With all your existing debt into one account, you’ll enjoy a lower interest rate as well as the monthly repayment plan. We will do our best to have your rate fixed according to what your situation is.

How can a consolidation loan can help you?

Nobody enjoys having sleepless nights about debts that may be getting out of hand, we offer you timely and effective debt relief you’ll have the peace of mind that you can afford to make the monthly repayments, leaving you to breathe a bit easier.

Our consolidation loan will assist you to become a responsible borrower and this will increase your future chances for obtaining affordable credit.

By choosing to consolidate your debt does not by any way mean that you’re blacklisted, it only means that you are taking control of your finances since this option does give you the opportunity to budget your finances better.

DebtBusters – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of DebtBusters

  • Simple loan application
  • Low-interest rates
  • Affordable loans

Consolidate your debt effectively & quickly with Debt Busters

If you find it difficult to repay your existing debt, you have to take measures right away. Otherwise, the situation will go from bad to worse.

A consolidation loan with DebtBusters is easy to obtain with no frills, it’s straightforward as well as transparent.

You can apply online

You will receive a specialist service of high quality online or over the telephone. You do not have to visit our office personally and this will save you a lot of time and effort. You can expect a friendly attitude and effort, which is focused on helping you meet your goals.

When you contact DebtBusters, one of our debt consultants will be assigned to you. Our expert will offer you a complete assessment with regards to your current financial situation and will offer assistance if you are not sure or you have any queries with regarding debt consolidation.

Once you choose to use the available solutions, the consultant will focus on finding a loan best suited for you. Note that we are not a lender but a financial service provider. It is our job to compare online loans of various lenders and then offer you the most suitable one.

Tailor-made loans

You can be assured that the debt consolidation loan offered to you will meet your needs and requirements perfectly. You will most certainly secure a lower interest rate as well as lower monthly repayments which will enable you to save money.

The term of the loan is typically longer and this may result in higher costs, but DebtBusters will help you contain them by devising an individual repayment plan.

We generally offer three different types of consolidation loans for your convenience and need - home loans, unsecured, and secured loans. No matter what your situation there is a product for every need.

We have several options to choose from

You will be able to pick a type of loan based on the optimal balance between risk and savings. DebtBusters debt consolidation loans are among the most versatile and among the most effective as well.

If you are serious about wanting to be debt free, give us a call you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. You can take back the control you once had. There is always an option and you don’t need to feel despondent and alone. We are here to assist you in the best possible way.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

Debt Busters went out of their way to give me a loan during my financial time of need.

Kelly A
— Sasolburg —

February 2019

It was through the loan I received from Debt Busters that I was able to close all my debts.

Emily P
— Lenasia —

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