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About – EC Finance

EC Finance has been helping blacklisted South Africans and those with other credit problems find the ideal personal loan, short term loan, cash loan or cell phone deal since 2005.

We have assisted many South African over the year and are proud of the positive feedback we get from people who have been referred. We strive to make your loaning experience with EC Finance a pleasurable journey; we’ll assist you from the application process to the consolidation of your debt right up to you being debt free

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If you have been rejected for credit by the major banks, you should not despair. We will gladly work with you and provide an affordable, easy and safe credit solution which will meet your needs fully. You can find all the information about our lending criteria on our website and you can use our loan calculator to select the best option for you. The calculator will help you work out more or less how much you can borrow and what your estimated repayments will be.

Services – EC Finance

As your debt grows, you are forced to borrow more in order to pay your living expenses, but this only makes the situation worse

The only way out is the bundling of all your debt into a single loan with an affordable monthly payment. EC Finance will help consolidate your debt into a single repayment; this makes it easier at the end of each month, knowing that you only have one repayment to think about.

Debt consolidation

Our online debt consolidation loans offer you a solution best suited for your need, we will assist you to make the right decision regarding your financial wellbeing. EC Finance specialises in the provision of instant loans of all types, we offer fast and effective debt consolidation no matter what your current situation is

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  • INSTANT Loans
  • DEBT Consolidation
  • DEBT Clearance
  • BAD Credit Loans

EC Finance will help consolidate your debt into a single affordable payment

Your budgeting will be easier because you’ll have more money in your pocket!

EC Finance works with all South Africans

We are the most accessible and affordable alternative to the larger commercial lenders. We provide professional assistance even to blacklisted individuals and those with poor credit.

When you apply with us, we only take into account what your income is this will help us determine how much you are able to borrow, we do not run extensive credit checks to approve applicants. Our cash loans are simple, safe and reliable.

EC Finance is determined to help all our clients get rid of debt in the most comfortable way. Our professional consultants have been trained in their field and are always prepared to go that extra mile to ensure that our customers are on the right road to being debt free.

A reliable service provider

We operate online and this enables us to serve consumers from all over South Africa. Our main task is to match consumers with the right credit products. EC Finance works with a large number of micro lenders all of which are registered and adhere to the rules and regulations of the National Credit Act. You will receive a reliable and transparent service which is completely focused on your needs.

EC Finance debt consolidation loans are primarily unsecured

You will be able to borrow up to R50, 000. This should enable you to clear a fairly large amount of debt without risking your house by placing it as collateral.

The maximum repayment term is 6 years

However, a shorter term will help you to save on interest so if you can afford the monthly payments, this can be a highly beneficial option in the long run. The interest rate on every loan is determined based on the individual applicant's credit history.

The good thing is that the EC Finance loans are accessible even to people with bad credit so you have changes of getting approved even if you are in serious trouble already.

EC Finance online debt consolidation loans are helpful for people who have accumulated fairly small debt amounts. Apply for your EC Finance loan today, and take back the control of your finances and worry about the better things life has to offer.

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