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About Logical Debt Solutions

Logical Debt Solutions offer a number of debt solutions to relieve the stress of debt in your life.

Put your debt behind you for good

We have great associations with a number of accredited credit providers in the business, consequently making life easier for our clients with the road to taking care of your obligation issues with credit providers faster and simpler, guaranteeing a high rate of overall debt relief.

Don't let debt get you down

In today’s world, we rely on credit to get by, and this is something we understand. It’s so easy to fall into the debt trap, and before you know it, you are unable to pay all your instalments each month. This is a concern, and if you fall into this criterion, you need to seek help, before it’s too late.

Here is your debt solution!

Our vision is to help clients take control of their debts, by proactively taking responsibility and clearing their debt for good. We are reliable and honest and will protect you against any legal downfalls that could come up due to your late or non-payments on accounts.

We will assign a debt counsellor to you, who will be your point of contact when you need any assistance throughout your contract term with us.

Logical Debt Solutions Services

We offer a viable solution to clients that will alleviate their payments each month, and provide a long-term benefit, of being out of debt, for good.

Debt is all around us, and credit is available around every corner, making it very easy to fall into a pool of overwhelming debt that we battle to repay. More than half the country has debt problems; this is the reality of the world we live in today.

What do we do?

We take out loans, to pay back loans, and end up paying back more than we can afford. We offer debt consolidation, debt management and debt settlement services for our clients that will change your life. Our debt counsellors assist clients with the consolidation of their debt at a much more affordable rate.

We negotiate with your creditors

You will no longer receive threatening letters and phone calls from your creditors, asking for money. We will get a court order on your behalf, and present each creditor with a letter to explain that you are under debt review. You will not be able to buy or apply for credit when under our contract, which will alleviate getting into any more debt.

Logical Debt Solutions – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of Logical Debt Solutions

  • Reduce your debts into one
  • Affordable debt consolidation

Logical Debt Solutions will improve your financial situation

Logical Debt Solutions will improve your financial situation. We’ll assist you in finding the right financial counsellor to assist you with your debt.

Improve your financial situation

If you are over-indebted, you are no longer able to afford your monthly instalments on your accounts, loans and credit cards. You are probably starting to get phone calls from your creditors by now, and starting to feel slightly stressed about your financial situation. Sure signs of being in an over-indebted situation are when you cannot afford your repayments every month when you late on payments or even missing payments because you can’t afford them when you start getting legal notices from your creditors.

This is how we help

Debt counselling or debt review is a process, where the services provider, will take all your personal, financial and creditor information, and evaluate the extent of your debt. They will contact your creditors, to negotiate a reduced instalment amount on your accounts, loans and credit cards, to allow for a total consolidated amount being far lower and much more affordable each month you will then pay the service provider one instalment each month, which they will distribute amongst all your creditors.

Protected from any legal implications for non-payments

You will be safeguarded by the court, which your service provider will organise on your behalf. You will, however, no longer be able to buy on credit whatsoever, until your debt agreement is paid in full and you have been cleared of your debt. We can find this service provider through our data networks for you.

Let us get an indication of the amount of debt you currently have, and we will advise which option, be it debt counselling, consolidation loans or debt review, would suit your specific criteria best.

A method to clear your credit record

After being cleared of your debt you will no longer have a permanent credit record on the credit bureau that states you have a debt problem. Your debt counsellor is able to get a positive response from your creditors when negotiating your new reduced instalments on your behalf.

Your debt counsellor will advise you on the best ways to bring down or even cut your monthly costs to allow you to live a more comfortable life and have cash in your pocket after paying what you need to each month.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

March 2019

Logical Debt Solutions gave me a loan that seemed too good to be true. It was unbelievably affordable.

Donavan R
— Marburg —

May 2019

Applying for the Logical Debt Solutions loans was convenient and easy to follow through.

Quinton L
— Vanderbijlpark —

April 2019

I wanted to settle my Logical Debt Solutions loan earlier and wasn’t charged a cent!

François V
— Parys —

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