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About – One Debt

One Debt has over 20 years’ experience in helping clients on the road to become debt-free.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced debt counsellors, who all share the same passion, which is to help people to a full recovery when it comes to being over indebted.

When times are tough, we are there to help you

In the harsh reality of today’s economy, we find that buying on credit is a lot easier than going without. Being able to financially get through the month on our salary is almost non-existent. The more credit we use, and the more loans we take out to cover the credit, starts to build up into a mountain of debt that becomes impossible to pay back each month. This is the reality of thousands and thousands of South Africans today.

We provide a debt service to clients who are in this situation, and are looking for a way out, without actually taking out another loan to cover their debt.

Expert team behind One Debt

Our team of over 70 employees are able to assist you from the beginning to refresh your budget, and reduce your repayments each month, into one smaller instalment, that cover your debt each month.

Legal protection for our customers

We protect you legally against judgements against your name throughout your journey with us, as well as saving you from losing your assets. We care about our clients and go the extra mile to helping you get financial freedom.

Services – One Debt

When you feel that your debt is getting a little out of hand, and you are struggling to pay your instalments each month, One Debt has the solutions to help you out of that sticky debt situation.

Our services include debt consolidation through debt review, as well as debt counselling and debt management.

We offer a convenient and effective way to get rid of debts long-term

Our process is a step-by-step path, where we evaluate your current situation in regards to how much debt you have, and work out a minimised and more affordable repayments on your debt in total.

Understanding our customers is key

The risks of being over indebted can be stressful. You could lose your home, car and any other valuable assets for missing payments and be listed as a bad credit client for being late on payments. You may be starting to receive letters from layers and creditors harassing you for payments on a regular basis.

A financial solution to help you become debt free

Why go through this trauma, when we have a solution, which will work effectively to get you out of debt for good.

All you need to do to get your debt-free life started, is to contact us, via telephone or email, and one of our experienced debt counsellors will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Summary of Services

  • Debt consolidation loans
  • Debt management, review & administration
  • Become debt-free
  • Financial advice

One Debt will help you get rid of your debt long-term

Minimize your debt by consolidation your exisitng loans under one reduced monthly instalment.

We offer a solution called debt review, which enables clients to have their debts assessed and a new consolidated single payment to be worked out so that you can actually afford to enjoy life again.

Don't live in financial stress as we are here to help

Being over indebted, means that you have so much debt on your plate that you actually cannot afford to pay your instalments each month. You may be starting to get letters from the lawyers, handing you over, or getting endless calls from creditors because of missed or late payments. We will keep you safe from all of the above mentions actions.

Here is your financial solution

With our debt review process, clients can leave their worries behind, and work on a path to become debt free.

We can start by getting an application form from you as well as a copy of your identity document, a recent payslip and your bank statements. We also need a list of your current debt, and creditors, with the amounts outstanding. This will be used to identify if you qualify for debt counselling, or not. We will then contact your creditors to arrange a negotiated reduced amount to pay back on your debt. These reduced amounts will all be consolidated into one single monthly instalment. 

Immediately find relief, as the instalment you are paying is far less

We will notify all your creditors that you are undergoing debt review, so they will no longer hassle you while under our services. Once you have paid up all your debt in full, we will provide you with a credit clearance certificate to give to all your creditors, to clear you name.

This process works

Lower your monthly debt payments. Be protected from any legal action from creditors. We have thousands of clients using this solution right now, and thousands more who have been cleared and debt free from our solutions. Try it for yourself. Contact us today and start living debt-free.

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