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About – Zero Debt

Zero Debt is a team of professional debt counsellors who help clients with their debt problems.

Reasons why we are South Africa's preferred debt consolidation lender

  • We USE effective solutions to help you get rid of your debt for good, and help you feel the satisfaction of financial freedom.
  • We GIVE our clients a personalised and customised consolidation loan that will reduce their monthly instalments into one single repayment each month.
  • We ALWAYS go the extra mile for our clients. We use our leverage and relationships with creditors, to negotiate a reasonable and more affordable rate on their repayment of their debts.
  • We PROTECT you from having your assets taken away from you, as well as from harassing phone calls demanding payments from you on your accounts.
  • We SUPPORT your needs through a simple and quick process of application. You can get your assessment on your debt done online, without leaving your office.
  • We will TAKE your needs and make a solution that works for you.
  • We will HELP you stay out of debt and work with your throughout our relationship to keep you from getting into debt again.
  • YOUR information and debt solution is kept confidential at all times, ensuring that your privacy is kept private.

Secure your financial future today!

We know being under debt counselling is a choice that you make to better your life, and making that initial choice is the beginning of a brighter financial future for you long term.

Services – Zero Debt

Get access to a number of debt solutions, to get you out of debt.

Reduced your debt repayments

We offer debt counselling and debt management services that help you minimise your repayments on your debt into one reduced single payment each month. You will after the first month, see a drastic change in your life, and your financial situation. Making the move to getting debt counselling is already the battle half won.

Who can apply for a consolidation loan?

If you are over indebted, and are in a time of your life, when you have so much debt that you cannot afford to pay all your debt each month, will start working heavily on your life.

You will be affected emotionally as well as legally, as you may start receiving letters of demand, or start getting handed over for unpaid accounts. People, who are in such a situation, will not be eligible for a consolidation loan, and we advise not to get more debt to cover your initial debts, as you will find yourself never getting out of debt.

We plan to take away all your debt, completely, and for good

Our services take all your debt, and consolidate them into one single payment. We will negotiate a reduced payment and interest on all your debt, to make sure you get a longer time to pay back your debt.

By the time your debts are paid, your credit record will be cleared, and you will be ready to carry on living debt-free, and stress-free again.

Summary of Services

  • Debt consolidation
  • Debt counselling
  • Debt review & administration
  • Financial advice

Zero Debt are your debt specialists

We are one of South Africa’s top debt services companies that supply clients with a valuable solution to their debt problems.

We work with clients who are over indebted, and can no longer afford to pay back their monthly instalments on their credit cards, cash loans and store accounts. This is not a solution to be ashamed of, in fact, more than half the country is in trouble with debt, and making the choice to move forward, it's a wise move.

How to apply

Apply with us by contacting us via telephone, or simply complete the online details form. We will ask for your recent payslips, bank statements and copy of your ID document, as well as a list of your outstanding debts.

Protect your valuable assets

By using our services, our clients can get protection of their assets, and not have to deal with creditors calling them for payments. We take all your outstanding debts, and consolidate into one reduced single monthly instalment, which we distribute amongst all your creditors.

You get the peace of mind that your debt will be paid off in full over a customised repayment term, and know that you will be debt-free. Clients will not be able to make use of any credit facilities, loans or accounts when they are using our services.

This is another smart way of staying out of debt

When we create a new payment structure for you, you will immediately have more cash in your bank account each month, to use for your daily living, instead of using credit cards to get by. Let us do an assessment of your debts, and work out a repayment structure that works for you and your budget.

We understand, and offer a solution

Being over indebted can have a drastic effect on one’s life. You probably can’t afford to pay all your debts each month, and have to use credit just to get through your living expenses. This is definitely the time for you to consider getting rid of debt for good.

We can help you by starting with one simple step to changing your life. Contact us today, we are a phone call or an email away from making your debt go away.

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2 Golden Isle Building, 281 Durban Road, Bellville, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7530, South Africa
Ph: 086 111 3749
Fx: 086 649 6252
Em: [email protected]

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