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About – GS Debt Counsellors

GS Debt Counsellors has been proudly assisting clients across the country to get out of debt for many years.

The debt counselling process is a willing and committed journey a client will have to make in order to become debt-free. It’s not a quick fix - nor is it just another loan to pay off more debt. We offer customers a debt solution that works. 

Our Expert Staff are here to assist you

Our service is carried out through a team of experienced and qualified debt counsellors who take an active role in your future. A large portion of the South African population is currently over indebted with short-term loans and store and credit cards. When the National Credit Act decided to clamp down on reckless lending, clients found a way to get rid of their debts through debt counselling.

This is the only way in which we can protect our clients from legal action initiated by creditors and, losing their assets in an attempt to cover their debts.

We understand your needs 

We know how tough it is to survive without credit but, there is a difference between having debt and, being able to manage it properly. Take the next step to financial freedom, and contact one of our counsellors today. We will be there for you every step of the way and are passionate about making your life better. We do this by helping you achieve a financial balance where you can afford things that you were unable to in the past, due to having your whole salary paid over to your creditors. 

Services – GS Debt Counsellors

GS Debt Counsellors will help you rid yourself of overwhelming debt stress in your life. Through an action plan and process, we can restructure your finances, making them more affordable.

Why Consider Debt Counselling?

There are many reasons you should consider debt counselling with GS Debt Counsellors. We are completely transparent, meaning our fees are included in the amount of the repayment plan we restructure for you. This means you won’t get any nasty surprise along the way.

Our entire firm consists of qualified experts in the debt counselling industry. You can have the peace of mind that your profile will be handled legally and the way it should be.

We have relationships in pace with creditors, providers and legal representation, which will benefit you as a client when negotiations of payments are made. Making life a lot easier for you is one of our goals.

Total Confidentiality 

When you decide to apply for debt counselling, you need not make appointments and meet in person. With technology on your side, we can do your application online or via telephone.  All applications and debt counselling is handled with the utmost discretion. We feel your privacy is just as important as the task ahead. No one needs to know about your debt counselling. You need to know, you are not the only one in debt, so don’t feel alone.

We are there to assist you from beginning to end in getting out of debt – for good!

Summary of Services

  • Debt Counselling

How GS Debt Counsellors can Help you - the Process

GS Debt Counsellors works in line with the National Credit Act regulations. This not only protects consumers from reckless lending but, also allows us to offer clients a registered service. We are able to offer clients protection from having their assets or homes and cars reposessed through legal security measures. We negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to reduce your monthly repayments so that they are more affordable.

Our legal team is responsible for arranging court orders that prevent your creditors from opposing your debt counselling. At the end of the day, the outcome of our services allows you to be financially empowered - by only requiring you to pay one monthly instalment instead of numerous repayments every month.

About Debt Reviews

GS Debt Counsellors also offer clients, who are over indebted, the option of debt review. If you are at the point where you can honestly not afford to cover your monthly instalments and, you have so much debt, that it keeps you up at night. Then you are more than likely a sure candidate for this service. One of our debt counsellors will take your portfolio of creditors (and all amounts owing) and, assess your situation. From there, we will contact your creditors and work out a new repayment structure for you.

All your short term debts will be consolidated into one, leading to one easy monthly instalment every month, whereby the National Distribution Agency will distribute the payments amongst your creditors. It’s simple as that. You will also have the legal backing of our attorneys, with court orders for those creditors who harass you with multiple phone calls and communications.

Do you qualify for debt review?

If you are a South African resident that is earning a regular monthly salary, you can apply. If you have endless calls from banks and creditors, asking for payments, you can apply online for a loan to conolidate your debts and, finally get them off your back.

Are you over-indebted?

If you are receiving threats of legal action because of late and missed payments, have a garnishee on your salary or, are using credit to cover credit, taking out more loans to cover your other loans then you are over-indebted. It’s time to take action and, get the financial freedom you deserve. We can help you!

There are many benefits to taking control of your finances. Making the decision to do so is the first step to clearing your debt. With our company you get so much more than best practices and great service delivery - you get financial freedom.

At GS Debt Counsellors you get:

  • Have money to spend on other things at the end of the month
  • Alleviate that stress caused by financial issues
  • Get your credit record cleared
  • Know all your expenses upfront and, pay only one monthly instalment
  • Withdraw your counselling agreement at any time
  • Claim the legal protection offered by the National Credit Act

 Contact Details

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Ph: 043 726 0403 / 084 386 6893
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