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About – National Debt Mediation Association

The National Debt Mediation Association (NDMA) offer clients in South Africa an efficient and cost effective solution to clearing  debt and, clearing a bad credit record, through debt counselling.

In line with the National Credit Act, which made its mark in 2007, we've streamline our services in line with our objectives for our clients. This includes our ability to empower our clients with the necessary information and guidance to manage their budgets and finances when they're over indebted.

What the NDMA can Help you with

We provide debt relief solutions to our clients who are in over their heads with overwhelming debts which can be stressful, as well as legally threatening.

We are here to assist business employers with the implementation of workplace financial programs for employees. We also assist in educating them on how to budget and on how to responsibly keep within their spending limitations.

Our Unique Benefits and Features

When you sign up with NDMA, you get the benefits of a qualified and experienced team of debt counsellors, who have established partnerships and relationships in place with creditors and legal practitioners and regulators in the industry. This allows your dedicated counsellor to go beyond general counselling, and negotiate more affordable instalments on your creditor repayments.

We carry the highest respect for our clients; keeping all your information confidential and, conduct ourselves ibn a way that radiates empathy and builds trust. 

Services – National Debt Mediation Association

In most events, we find consumers build up debt and then try take out more loans to cover those debts digging themselves into a deeper hole of more debt. This becomes overwhelming and to a point where the client if paying more on instalments every month than what they can afford.

When you feel the pressure of thee debts are taking over your life, it may be a good idea to consider debt counselling

NDMA is qualified to assist you with your debt counselling, and help you on the road to financial wellbeing. We help clients with managing their money long term.

Years of Experience - at your Service 

We assist you with the understanding of your loan agreements and specific terms they throw at you when signing up for loan products.

Most of the time, we find clients are not well informed of their loan terms, or simply do not understand the terms. We advise clients on taking into account the specific items such as interest rates, fees, third party costs etc.

We are Transparent - and will always be 

When deciding to take on debt counselling you must be aware that many firms are not as transparent as we are. We empower our clients throughout our journey with them, helping them to improve their finances while, also learning how to manage their finances better.

This also includes strategies to help you stay away from reckless lending, which just adds to the debt problem. 

Summary of Services

  • Debt Counselling

How the Debt Counselling Process Works

Debt Counselling WILL work for you!

We have thousands of happy clients who are now living debt free because of our debt counselling services. Many of these clients were drowning in debts which they could not afford to keep up with. We follow a simple process, from application through to credit clearance for our clients.

Debt counselling is a completely legal way to clear your debts for good.

When you register with NDMA, you will immediately attain protection from legal action from creditors. From the beginning, when you apply for a consolidation loan, we will take all your debts into consideration and assess all your debts. We will then provide a guided remedy to help you better manage your budget, for example, by repaying your debts according to interest rates and affordability.

The Counselling Process at a Glance

We will restructure a customised budget for you, allowing you to pay off your debts in the shortest time possible. We will represent you in court and get court orders instructng your creditors to cease all contact and legal action. This will keep them at bay since, they legally cannot harass you for payments, until your debt counselling is completed. 

The court order will also protect you from any assets being repossessed during this time. Another benefit of having the legal back up offered by your debt counsellors, is that you will be completely protected from your creditors' harassing phone calls and, be listed at the credit bureau as being under debt counselling, to avoid anyone threatening you.

Your Responsibilities 

You will be expected to comply with your debt counselling agreement during the agreed term. You will find the partnership easier if you're honest and open with your debt counsellor, regarding any bonuses and increases to your salary. You must stick to the payment agreement, as stated in your contract, to avoid any irregular payments to your creditors. As part of committing to getting out of debt, it would be wise to let go of those credit cards and clothing accounts.

Termination of a Clients Debt Review

It is very important for the client to ensure that their agreed instalment is paid on time every month. Perhaps agreeing to a debit order will ensure you are never late with your payments. By defaulting on your instalment or, not adhering to your agreement, your creditors could terminate your debt review and proceed to institute legal action.

Clearance Certificate

Once you have settled all your debt with your creditors, you will receive a certificate of clearance. This will be issued to creditors and bureaus, which will require them to remove your name and information, relating to the debt counselling, off your record. You will then be eligible for to apply for credit again.

Withdraw from Debt Counselling

When you decide to go under debt counselling, you need to make sure you are committed to the entire process. Trying to breach your contract or withdraw from your agreement could make your financial situation worse. You will only be completely cleared of your debt and, protected from legal action from creditors, whilst you are under debt counselling.

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