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About Consumer Debt Help

Consumer Debt Help has been around for years helping customers with debt counselling. We have also maintained compliance with the National Credit Act.

A massive clientele turnout

If you are struggling to manage your finances, we can help you. Customer Debt Help will ensure that you combine all your loans into one big credit through debt counselling. While you might have been able to pay for your credit card before, you might find that you are struggling to do so now. When debts accumulate interest, it becomes a mission to pay them off.

Consumer Debt Help will help you out

Nobody doesn’t wish for a fresh start that is debt-free and doesn’t contain any financial stress. Well, this is no longer a dream but a possibility through debt counselling.

Consumer Debt Help Services

The end goal is to see you get out of debt and that is what we aim to do for our customers. The debt counselling process needs to be first investigated and we will then determine if you need to undergo a debt review.

With the debt review, we will minimize the debt repayments that you pay to smaller affordable amounts. We will also contact your creditors and notify them about your debt review. A debt counsellor will assist you with a contract agreement that you will have to abide by. At the end of the entire process, your name will be cleared.

Quality expertise from agents

Our brokers are a group of exceptional people who will never give you false information. We will ensure that you get the best deal.

Call us today and we will show you the light

It is important that customers understand that we don’t want to take them out of debt temporarily but for good. This is because we know how difficult it is to be financially depressed and we never want to see our clients in the same predicament.

Consumer Debt Help – Debt review

  • Loan Type Debt review

Benefits of Consumer Debt Help

  • Free financial assessment
  • Lower interest rates
  • Reduced monthly payments

A solution to your debt problems with a simple approach

Our job is not only to ensure that clients get out of debt but also to find the root cause.

If we can establish what made you fall into the debt trap in the beginning, we might be able to help you never fall for the same kind of trick. Financial discipline is imperative especially if you have undergone debt review. Therefore, you have to ensure that your credit profile never gets tarnished again.

What do you need to apply?

If you want to apply for debt counselling, you need to complete an application form that is available on our website. We will need supporting documents to ensure that what you told us on your application corresponds with the information that is in your documents. These include your identity documents, bank statements and recent salary advice. After we have received your application together with your supporting documents, we will contact you. It is important that customers need to be aware of the fact that we might reject or decline their application. The client needs to be above the age of 18 years and must be a South African citizen. When you are from South Africa, it makes the process slightly easier. However, if you are not from South Africa, we might not be able to help you.

Call us today to get a quote and find out how we can help you get ahead and ensure that you are never under debt review. We will equip you with the guidelines on how to manage your finances and ensure that financial maturity is a prerequisite. Let Customer Debt Help you.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2019

They have helped me overcome my debt and now my credit score is rising cause I have a better understanding of loans.

Ntombi N
— East London —

March 2019

With their help, they were able to make all of my loans one amount that would pay a month and with one more payment left I will be debt free.

Jack S
— Pretoria —

May 2019

I can't believe after struggling with my debt the advice I was given has helped me overcome my debt.

Hayley S
— Uitenhage —

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