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About Credit Salvage Corporation SA

Credit Salvage Corporation SA is a company providing financial assistance to South Africans who are in serious debt.

Our credit clearance service is one of the best ways to get out of debt without experiencing serious financial consequences. Our debt consolidation solutions are highly efficient and reliable.

Competitive interest rates

We wrap all your current obligations into one loan with a lower interest rate. You get to turn a new page and forget about the nightmare associated with huge interest payments monthly. We operate online and you can find all the necessary information required on our website. We provide direct personal assistance via phone and email.

Credit Salvage Corporation SA Services

We offer solutions to people in financial distress as well as loans for people with bad credit.

Our debt negotiation and credit clearance services are designed to offer a fast and effective solution no matter what your specific circumstances are.

Credit Salvage focuses on your individual needs

We perform a detailed analysis of your current financial situation focusing on your debt. This allows us to offer the best consolidation strategy in your particular case. If we discover that our service is not suitable for you, we will go a step further and refer you to a company which will match your requirements precisely. This is how flexible and customer-friendly our professional service is.

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Benefits of Credit Salvage Corporation SA

  • Competitive interest rates on debt consolidation
  • A reliable debt counselling process

The Credit Salvage Corporation SA is the leaders in debt consolidation loans

We are all too familiar when we just are not able to afford to pay our debts at the end of each month, not to mention daily living expenses.

In a case such as this debt counselling may just the right choice for you. Debt counselling is a structured process where a debt counsellor will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf, this is done so that your credit agreement instalments are reduced and extended, and we will also negotiate a reduction on the interest rate enabling you to afford to settle your debts as soon as possible.

It is easy to accumulate a lot of debt when your monthly income is not sufficient for covering your monthly expenses. This situation is extremely dangerous and has to be resolved timely. Credit Salvage Corporation SA is confident that our online debt consolidation loans can be of use to you.

A credit provider you can trust

We operate online and this enables us to serve South Africans from all over the country. We have a small but dedicated team of experts, who are working hard to help clients in every respect.

You can expect a professional service

Credit Salvage will find a loan for an individual applicant’s based on the person's existing debt and income. Our aim is to get a loan with a lower interest rate and smaller monthly payment which does not exceed the cost of borrowing too much.

We work with many lenders and this gives you a high chance of getting the most useful loan for your specific needs. In general, this option can bring you more benefits compared to working with an individual lender.

The main advantage of using our services at Credit Salvage is that we will actually negotiate with your current lenders on your behalf. Not only will we find you a new loan but we’ll actually make every effort to reduce your debt. You can be assured that providers offer such a service and this makes us unique in every way.

It enables you to generate further savings and to get even more favourable terms and conditions.

Secured & unsecured debt consolidation loans

We advise you to only borrow the amount needed and to ensure that you can make repayments on the agreed dates so that you don’t incur extra costs. In any case, it’s only wise to ensure that the new monthly instalment will be perfectly affordable to you.

This will help you get rid of debt completely in the long term. Our online debt consolidation loans at Credit Salvage Corporation SA are highly useful. They are timely and efficient.

We can help you save money while giving you room to breathe. You’ll have a fixed monthly repayment for creditors and there’ll be no more multiple repayments. And your disposable salary and cash flow will increase instantly in order to afford for your day to day living outlays.

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December 2018

If you looking for an affordable credit plan, Credit Salvage Corporation SA is your best shot at getting a good loan offer.

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