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Standard Bank Home Loan


  • Easy online application
  • Affordable interest rates
  • Repayment up to 20 years

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About Standard Bank

Standard Bank is no new comer to the home loan industry.

We have over 154 years in the financial services market of South Africa

International footprint and a trusted name

We thrive on delivering quality service, through affordable customised packages and options that suit each of our clients. We are not just a South African based company; our services reach out as far as across 20 countries across the world. With our approach to client satisfaction, we exceed our client’s expectations and go above and beyond to ensure we fulfil our service delivery.

Why choose Standard Bank?

What make us unique is our passion and our ability to employ people who are extremely passionate about what they do. This adds great value to our service, as clients get a personal touch, through a consultative process, when needed. Our customers are our main focus, and their specific needs, no matter what financial aspect, come first.

Each client is given preferential treatment

We simply make the time to put your priorities first. Standard Bank is well known for securing low interest rates. We offer repayment terms that suit your budget and home loans that can take you 20 years to pay off. This allows you to afford the home of your dreams, with a little help from Standard Bank.

Standard Bank Services

Highly competitive in the home loan market.

With our experience and leverage in the industry, it’s tough to compare our services to any other lender.

We not only provide a wide variety of financial services, but offer home loans to meet the need of every clients who applies through us. Our personal service ensures that you have one of our experienced consultants alongside you through every step of the loan process.

We are here to provide answers to all your questions, offer expert financial advice to help you throughout the decision making on your personal finance.

Let your home loan work for you

By saving on interest, and choosing the rate option to suit your needs, you are empowered to choose the home loan that works for you throughout your contract. Whether it’s a variable or fixed loan rate.

Whether you choose to pay your loan off earlier. We will assist you to make a decision that saves you money long term.

Qualifying is easy

Clients need to be over 18 years old, have a permanent job with evidence of a salary slip. Have a valid banking account as well as be a South African permanent resident.

Standard Bank – Home loan

  • Loan Type Home loans
  • Repayment 1 year to 20 years

Benefits of Standard Bank

  • Simple online application
  • Low-interest rates
  • Affordable loans

Standard Bank offer over a century of expertise for your property finance

What we believe in is offering valuable resources to our clients, to ensure they can find a home loan.

We offer a handy and convenient home loan calculator on our website, which allows our clients to get a recalculated amount on what they would generally qualify for when applying for a home loan. This will allow you to actively get an amount to use as a guideline when looking for the right home to purchase.

Pre-approved home loans

You can go house hunting before your loan is approved, knowing how much you can qualify for. The calculator will also provide you with information or amounts of what your monthly repayments will be. This will enable you to start planning your budget accordingly.

Standard Bank also offers guidance into how to reduce your home loan and bond repayments. This will also take into account should you be buying a new home, purchasing property, switching bond accounts from another bank and more. if you are a first-time homeowner, we can customize a loan to purchase your dream home, with affordable payment terms, and installments that fall within your affordability and budget.

Purchasing another home or buying property

All you need to know is available from our home consultants, who are experts in the industry to get your home loan, first calculate what amount you will need. This is easily obtainable by adding up your monthly expenses and other factors, which are reliant on your salary. See what you have left to pay towards a home loan at the end of the month.

Start house hunting, and make an offer to purchase the home you really love. Contact Standard Bank, and get started with your home loan application. We will help you with the necessary information needed for this step of the process.

Get approved!

Once your loan is approved, we can take the process further for you, and get your home into your name, and allow you to plan to move in! A monthly debit order will be set up for your installments, and the rest is happy days!

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