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About – Ooba

Ooba is the leading bond originator in South Africa offering top quality products and fully dedicated service. We provide both house finance and appropriate insurance to give you perfect peace of mind. Our comprehensive solution includes oobabond and oobainsure. We take care of the bond application process and will negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

Our service is completely free.

We work with all top lenders in the country so success is guaranteed. With oobainsure you can cover both your mortgage and your newly purchased property fully at affordable price. You are guaranteed to get the best quality customer service in our offices, on our website and via our call centre.

Services – Ooba

Ooba is the home loan expert of choice for South Africans. We offer the most reliable expertise and the best products to suit your needs at any given time. We help you prequalify for house finance which will give you greater confidence when you go searching for the ideal property.

personalised and friendly customer service

We will submit your application for a new bond and help you negotiate the most competitive and affordable mortgage finance deal. We provide full assistance with second mortgage applications. You will get the most effective solution for exploiting the equity which you already own in your home. The personalised and friendly customer service, the high speed and the expert advice are great benefits we offer.

Summary of Services

  • First-time Home Buyer
  • House Buying 
  • Home Loans 
  • First-time Investment 
  • Home Financing

Ooba Home Loans Review - Will They Help You Buy a Home?

The average home buyer in South Africa needs to use a mortgage loan to finance the purchase. Such products are available from many lenders so you have to choose extremely carefully. This Ooba home loans review will evaluate the quality of these credit products and help you determine their usefulness to you.

a solid presence in the market

Ooba is an authorised provider of financial services in South Africa. Formerly known as MortgageSA, the company has a solid presence in the market and enjoys good reputation among home buyers and lenders alike. You will receive a professional service which is totally based on your needs and requirements. The consultant that you work with will do his best to match you to the right loan for you.

a large number of lenders

The diversity of the Ooba home loans is great. The service provider works with a large number of lenders who offer all kinds of home finance products from the classic variable rate loans to the ones with interest only payments. This great variety gives you very high chances of obtaining the most favourable deal for you in terms of principal, interest rate and repayment.

get a superb deal

Basically, the consultant will do the comparison shopping on your behalf. This will save you time and effort. You will most certainly save money as well since you will get a superb deal. Just keep in mind that you will get the best results when you have sufficient deposit and the ability to pay the registration costs. Similarly, the better your credit history is the lower interest you will secure.

find the right home loan

The Ooba consultant will not only find the right home loan for you. The professional will negotiate even better terms and conditions on your behalf. You will have much higher chances of approval even if you have less than perfect credit record. This is highly beneficial professional assistance which any home buyer will benefit from. You will receive help with making the application and with managing the loan as well. This will make the house buying process easier and quicker. The verdict of this review is that the Ooba home loans can be highly beneficial to the South African home buyers when they are chosen carefully.

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PO Box 1535, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa

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