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Looking for a loan? You have come to the right place!

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A loan finding service

It is true that banks have certain requests and certain paperwork is required, but applying for a loan is not as difficult as it may seem, however, once all the paperwork is in order, the approval can be done in no time. Finance Quotes is not a financial service provider but we do provide individuals with a service by assisting those who need a loan to get approved for financial backing. Finance quotes are exactly what you need when you are searching for a loan of any type.

We can assist you in finding the ideal home loan for building a house, car finance for buying a vehicle or a boat. We are specialists in all areas of personal finance. We make online loans simple and convenient. When you work with us, we will submit your loan application to all of the major lenders in South Africa and provide competitive quotes of top quality. You can take advantage of the finance links and tools on our website to make full use of our service.

Finance Quotes Services

Note that our online finance calculators & tools are estimations; the major Finance providers of South Africa will still need to certify the calculations.

Financequotes.co.za is a leading specialist in the provision and comparison of business finance quotes. We will assist you to find a loan or another finance option for your enterprise. We are committed to delivering the most competitive quotes from all major lenders in South Africa.

Make your business successful

Our experienced team will help you make the best choice of finance based on an extensive personalised analysis. Finance quotes will help you find the right personal, business, bike, vehicle finance as well as home loans and cash loans options.

Your application will be submitted to the major banks in South African, allowing you to attain the best Finance Quote obtainable. You are guaranteed to get the most affordable and flexible financial solution for your business no matter whether you have difficulties with cash flow management or with making a major investment in operating capital.

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The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.

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Instant loan approval means instant cash! And we are here to provide you with exactly that

It is not uncommon for South Africans to have to fill holes in their budget with the use of loans. At the same time, the use of credit may add extra burden to the family budget unless the credit product is chosen with great care.

Note that, Finance Quotes is not a lender as the name of our company suggests, but a provider of quotes. When you submit your loan application online, we will do what we do best by providing quotes from all major banks in South Africa. That way, you will be able to select the right loan for yourself. We provide an excellent service and we’re proud of our good reputation in the market as well as great credibility among our clients.

Loans with Finance Quotes are speedy

You can expect to obtain quotes in a matter of hours and often in a matter of minutes. The provision of quotes is quite fast.

At the same time, you need to keep in mind that the quality of the quotes will depend on the accuracy of the information which you have provided. There is no point in lying. Once you have the quotes, you will be able to compare them and find a loan offer. Thereafter, you need to complete an application with the microlender and get finance.

Our whole process is quite speedy

Especially compared to the option of dealing directly with the lender. But, if you compare the quotes quickly, you can have the cash on the next day and possibly within the same day.

We are in the business of giving all South Africans the opportunity to save money. When you compare quotes, you have that we give you the best chance of finding a deal with the most favourable terms and conditions.

You can save money & repay your loan easily

We offer quick loans to all South Africans who need cash urgently, Our loans are easy to obtain and we ensure that you receive a friendly welcome and you’ll find that Finance Quotes loans are among the most affordable you’ll find.

It’s our job to make sure that our customers get what they need when they need it.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2019

I got my loan and it was approved best part is I was kept in the loop and very happy to say that the rates are great.

Tayla M
— Port Elizabeth —

June 2019

The calculator helps you to decide the product that suits you best and with the quick loans once the application has been completed the process is really fast and you have your loan approved.

Mike S
— Port Elizabeth —

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