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About – Loan Picker SA

Your convenient online search site, which sources through hundreds of potential lenders, to find the ideal lender to suit your specific loan requirements.

A versatile online supplier

We not only provide a loan search service, we also offer legal advice from a team of paralegal experts in the industry.

This service will definitely be a rewarding value adds to anyone who signs up for the package.

We have assisted thousands of people throughout the country, not only with finding them a loan with the best rates and fees in the market, but we also find loans for clients who are blacklisted and get turned away from other lending firms.

Providing more loans to more people

We believe in assisting everyone, and helping them take their lives further in a positive direction. We don’t look at your credit history from year ago; we look at your current affordability to see what you can afford to pay off now.

If you are over 18 years old, have a permanent job, and are a South African resident, you are already halfway there to qualifying for a loan.

Get a loan in no time!

Sign up today, apply for a loan and get an instant decision on your application within minutes of submitting. We will help you move forward through best lenders in the market.

Services – Loan Picker SA

Loan Picker SA is a simple way to get what you want, when you need it.

We offer our clients convenience and over and above, with a subscription package which includes a number of benefits to suit all aspects of your life. By subscribing, you get an annual package consisting of legal advice and assistance as well as a loan finding service.

The package includes;

  • CIVIL & Labour Law
  • PERSONAL Injury
  • MOTOR Vehicle Accident Claims
  • CRIMINAL Law and Harassment
  • WILL and Testament services
  • DOMESTIC Violence
  • MATRIMONIAL Law Advice
  • MONTHLY Electronic Services

Complimentary loan finding service

Our online package deal includes a complementary loan finding service.

This service saves our clients time when they need a cash loan, to help them through difficult financial times. No matter how much you need, or what you need the cash for, we will use our technology and our preferred online tools, which are connected to the best lenders in the country, to find the best possible loan for your needs.

Don’t waste another minute in trying to source the best loan for your needs on your own, let us do all the work for you, and put your mind at ease knowing that you won’t get a better deal anywhere else.

Summary of Services

  • Loans for blacklisted
  • Unsecured personal loans
  • Clients with bad credit welcome apply
  • Debt consolidation
  • Legal advice

Loan Picker SA offers unbeatable personal loan packages

Worling in line and in partnership with the top registered credit providers in the country.

Our credit providers offer competitive repayment terms ranging between 3 and 60 months. These terms are worked out in line with the amount of cash you borrow to determine an amount that will be deducted from your bank account each month.

We offer loan options to suit everyone!

We have secured loans, unsecured loans, bonds, personal finance, vehicle finance, bridging finance, debt consolidation and loans for bad credit. We strive to offer unparalleled and profoundly aggressive financing costs in the market and also an excellent administrational service delivery to our customers.

A range of benefits are included

As one of South Africa's quickest developing lenders on the web, our customers to get faster turnaround times than ever before. We endeavour to continuously build better and quicker processes and procedures to give our clients the quickest and most valuable lending programme in the country.

Get the Loan Picker SA package for only R429 the first month on subscription and then only R99 per month after that. With this package you get a free loan searching service and much more. We offer reimbursement terms to meet your way of life and your financial plan with interest rates which are phenomenally low.

We are different to other lenders

Our affordable repayment terms enable you to effectively pay off your loan amount, without feeling your budget tighten every month. Customers who are blacklisted get a great deal of issues when attempting to get a cash loan. Banks and bigger loaning firms will take one look at your record and immediately decrease your application chances.

By looking at your affordability and whether or not you can pay off your instalments, will be the deciding factor of your loan application, not your credit history from 10 years ago.

Apply for the cash you need today

Go online now, click on the application form section and complete the required fields. Wait for us to contact you and the cash is yours to cover outstanding debts, take a holiday, or pay for educational tuition. Whatever the need may be, our aim is to get it to you as fast as possible, with no hiccups along the way.

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PO Box 569, Century City, 7446, South Africa

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