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Bad Credit Loans

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About – Bad Credit Loans

Bad Credit Loans was established over 7 years ago, with an aim to provide clients in the country with a solution to their loan and legal requirements.

We have been highly successful, with over thousands of happy clients each month, assisting them with telephonic guidance and advice that they need. Life is unpredictable, in the financial and legal space.

Bad Credit Loans are there to help you through it all

We aim to be one of the top online and telephonic service providers in South Africa, to help clients through times when they need support. We can assist you to find a personal loan when no one else can.

We offer a panel of the best lenders in SA. We have hundreds of accredited lenders that will work for hand in hand with us to help clients no matter what their credit status may be, to find a loan that meets their requirements. Because we have intrinsic knowledge in the financial industry, we work on your specific needs to find you a tailored solution.

Our aim is to find you the best loan deals in the industry. Our lenders offer competitive rates and affordable repayment terms that work for you. We are an established online firm that our clients can rely on. We have a high level of respect for each client we help, including their confidentiality. Contact us today and get a world of benefits.

Services – Bad Credit Loans

You get a free loan finding tool to search through thousands of lenders in the country.

They will provide you with the loan you are looking for, that meets the amount you want, the terms you like, and the benefits that seal the deal! We offer you legal assistance and advice telephonically through our team of highly experienced paralegal consultants, who can assist you with all you need when your life needs that legal guidance.

Our package includes the following

Civil & Labour Law, Personal Injury, Motor Vehicle Accident Claim, Criminal Law Harassment Will and Testament, Domestic Violence, Conveyance, Matrimonial Law Advice, Litigation Advice General Advice a complimentary loan finding service and advice for all of the above.

All in one package

By subscribing at a minimal monthly fee, you get to make sure of all this and more. We offer the best financial advice and guidance throughout our services and go the extra mile to ensure we cover your needs throughout our term with you. Subscribe now and feel a massive weight off your shoulders, having our services backing you up.

Summary of Services

  • PERSONAL Loans
  • BAD Credit Loans

Bad Credit Loans offers you personal loans that will benefit you

Bad Credit Loans offers you a personal loans package to benefit you

Getting a personal loan is easier than you would ever expect. We offer convenience, speed, and reliable solutions to ensure you get fast proactive service, from your laptop or computer, or anywhere where you have access to the internet. Getting a loan from a bank or other lenders may require a lot of work. You will need to make an appointment, wait a couple of days for them to approve your application, and maybe, if you are lucky, get your cash within a week or two.

Bad credit loans available

Should you be blacklisted or have bad credit, you may not even be approved for your personal loan. At Bad Credit Loans SA, we are different.

We offer a simple online platform allowing our clients to simply complete an online application form. Once we have all the information required, we are able to take your details and process your loan! It’s that easy.

Our promise to you

We don’t make you jump through hoops, we don’t make you wait, we simply help you no matter what your credit history, to get the personal loan you need, and that suits your specific repayment structure. We work within the budget of our clients and will offer you a loan amount that you can afford, without feeling like you are paying every cent of your salary to a loan. We are the personal lending firm you can trust, with your best interests at heart every step of the way.

Only the most reliable lenders in SA

We make use of the most reliable lending firms in the country, to find the right loan that suits your needs perfectly. Subscribe to our all in one package and get more than a personal loan, get advice and assistance with your legal requirements through our telephonic experts.

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