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About – SA Cash Loans

SA Cash Loans have been doing business in the South African market for many years.

Through these years, we have built up a clientele of satisfied clients who have valued our incredible service delivery.

Seamless technology

Our aim is to provide clients with the perfect solution to their financial requirements. By this we deliver on seamless processes through technology that works in our clients favour. This in turn, speeds up the turnaround time in our service delivery as well as the time frames of the loan application to payment of the cash into your bank account.

We offer personal loans with a personal service

Each client is important to us, and we make them feel that way throughout our partnership with them. We work through an online platform, which allows you to access cash whenever and no matter where you are.

Bad credit loans

We don’t dig into your financial history from the years back when you may have had a bad credit record. We look into where you are now, and act on that going forward.

With so many options to find a loan, our clients can apply online, or contact one of our friendly and experienced consultants.

Services – SA Cash Loans

Get a personal loan of up to R150 000!

Imagine what this cash flow could do for you

How it can influence your life dramatically, by affording the things you couldn’t in the past. Being strapped for cash, before the month has even ended, could be a result of having too much debt on your plate, or having more expenses than you can handle. Perhaps a personal loan could relieve that stress, by taking away come of those multiple payments each month, and leaving you paying only one instalment.

Any purpose loan

Perhaps you have been dreaming of buying something you never had the cash for, and now can get it and pay it off on your personal loan. The options are endless, and now you can easily enjoy a little cash boost.

No hidden fees

Getting a personal loan is as easy as completing our online application form with your personal details and requirements, and submitting it to us directly through the platform.

Our repayment terms are fixed throughout your contract term, leaving you the freedom to budget without any hidden or unexpected extra costs along the way.

We provide a full service, guaranteed to assist you from beginning to end of your partnership with us.

Summary of Services

  • Personal loans

SA Cash Loans will provide the best possible personal loan

Search through our convenient and innovative search engine, online, to find the personal loan option that suits your ideal needs.

With our processes being as quick and reliable as they are, our clients get full exposure to a range of personal loan options from a number of lending firms that offer a matched service to the type of service you require.

Our process is simple, and can be accessed from wherever you are

Clients can register through our online registration steps, and complete their personal details form. With this information, we can provide a list of service related offers from a wide range of lenders on our data base that can accommodate your needs. The lenders we shortlist for you will all offer unique benefits including special rates and terms, as well as repayment options that are in line with your budget.

We give you the best options to choose from

Our clients have the final choice, and can choose which of those lenders they would prefer to go forward with. Clients who earn more than R3000 monthly and who have a valid South African ID, with a valid banking account where their salary is paid into, can qualify for a personal loan to the amount that they need.

Affordable personal loans

Many of our lenders offer unbeatable repayment terms ranging from 6 to 60 months. This makes your repayment amounts scattered and divided into amounts that are highly affordable, and easy to budget for. Now you can start planning your well-deserved holiday, or pay off debt that have been hanging over your head for a while.

Best value for our customers

We have years of experience in providing the means for our clients to access cash. With partnerships in place with various top branded lending names in the market, we leverage our deals to our clients in order for them to receive the best value out of their loans. We go the extra mile to provide an end-to-end service that you can benefit from.

Don’t sit waiting for money to come, when you have the online platform with SA Cash Loans to provide the service you need, when you need it!

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