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About – Equi-Advance

Equi-Advance is a private company which does not operate with intermediaries. When you turn to use for assistance and become our client, you deal directly with us.

This makes the communication easier and more efficient and allows us to provide only the most suitable short term credit solution to you. When you provide your loan requirements to use, we will take care of the rest.

We ensure that your application is processed swiftly and with attention to detail at the same time.

You will be able to capture the best loan opportunity at the right time through our simple and quick application and approval procedures.

Services – Equi-Advance

Our business is dedicated to helping your business succeed. We specialise in the provision of short term loans designed for companies, closed corporations and trusts that have no fewer than three trustees.

With us, you can get a loan up to R300 000. There is no upper limit. You can expect the most competitive interest rates in the market and the most flexible terms and conditions.

The application process is easy and simple and so is the repayment one.

Let us assist you with the management of your cash flow.

We are here to help you set your company on the road so success.

Summary of Services

  • Short-term cash loans 
  • Fast loans 
  • Quick finance 
  • Instant online loans
  • Emergency cash loans 
  • Online cash loans
  • Short-term personal finance
  • Loans up to R300,000 
  • 1-12 Months repayment term

Equi-Advance Short Term Loans - Worthwhile & Reliable

There are always challenges when it comes to cash flow management, especially for small and medium enterprises. If you are looking for a quick and reliable solution, you should evaluate several different products before you make a final decision.

Use this Equi-Advance short term loans review to assess these particular products.

Equi-Advance is a private lender specialising in the provision of short term cash loans and other credit facilities to legal persons. The loans are available to companies and closed corporations and trusts with at least three trustees.

The lender is small, but you can expect a service of good quality.

The Equi-Advance short term loans for businesses enable you to borrow over R300 000. This makes them suitable for small and medium enterprises, but not for micro ones.

Another important feature of the loans is that they can have a term between 1 and 12 months. The term is quite short. This means that you can expect to pay very large instalments.

Still, the shorter term makes the cost of borrowing smaller as the interest amount due is smaller as well.

The loans are secured as well.

The lender requires the placement of an immovable asset as collateral. It is possible to use a different type of asset as security, but the lender has to approve it. Still, this flexibility can be quite useful in an emergency situation. Since the loans are secured they have lower interest rates compared to their unsecured counterparts.

The drawback is that you will lose the asset if you do not repay the loan as per the terms and conditions of the agreement.

It is easy to obtain one of the short term loans of Equi-Advance as long as you have an appropriate asset to place as collateral. However, you have to be absolutely certain that you will be able to repay the principal plus interest. Otherwise, your business may be forced to seize its operations. These loans are most useful when you expect a large inflow of cash

In this situation, the risk may be worth taking.

Overall, this review finds the Equi-Advance short term loans to be useful, but risky solutions for businesses.

 Contact Details

Suite 2A, First Floor, Waterkloof Rand Centre, Cnr Rigel Avenue & Buffelsdrift Street, 370 Buffelsdrift Street, Erasmusrand, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0181, South Africa
Ph: 083 455 0479 / 087 940 9114
Em: [email protected]
Em: [email protected]

 Postal Address

PO Box 11313, Hatfield, 0028, South Africa

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:00 – 16:30
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