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Just Money

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About – Just Money

Just Money is not another cash loans in South Africa, it is a credit facility that is in the business of helping customers get the best credit deals at the lowest prices.

We have a short term cash loan that is just what you need to pay off that utility bill you might have missed this month.

The benefits of our service

Credit packages are not the only options that you can get at Just Money. We also have provisions such as investment to ensure that your future doesn’t only look bright but also wealthy. Just Money acts as the middle man and gives you the best brokers that will attend to all your credit requirements and offer you a loan you can easily pay off. It is important that people understand that lenders are not out to get you bankrupt but rather would like to see you save money in the process of helping you with your credit.

Services – Just Money

Everybody will need additional cash from time to time.

Problems usually knock on your doors when you least expect them to show face or when you don’t even have the money to compensate for your financial needs.

Short-term loans

Getting a short-term loan with Just Money might be just exactly what you need when you are faced with financial difficulty. If you are interested in our short term loan which ranges from R 1000 – R 100 000, you can apply for it online. The other good news is that you can pay it off in 72 months which is more than enough time.

Once you have completed the form, our agents will contact you shortly to finalize everything and accept or either decline your application.

Summary of Services

  • SHORT-TERM Loans
  • QUICK Loans

Just Money gives you fast short-term loans to take care of cash emergencies

To get a Just Money loan, the first step is completing the application form.

After this step, you will be notified via email or telephone about your loan application and whether the amount you have applied for is correct. The final step is ensuring that the money is transferred in your bank account within a maximum of two business days.

R 100 000 is the maximum borrow amount

The different loans that we have been made to ensure that the client gets a credit plan that is affordable for their budget without compromising any financial obligation.

Since the loans can be paid off in 72 months, there is no need of worrying about settling your credit sooner as you have ample time to do it. At the end of the day, managing your budget is also key to saving money. We want our customers to have money they can use in the future.

A free of charge service

If you are interested in receiving our newsletters and other financial tips and advice, you can sign up for our periodic communication and you will receive information as and when we publish. What is even better is that this service is at no cost to our clients.

Our ‘piggy bank’ has become a customer favourite because a lot of clients have taken up the idea of saving seriously. It gives us great pleasure to know that our customers are saving money and enjoy the idea of doing it as well.

An open door policy

We want our clients to speak up when they have compliant or compliments. We want to know what we need to do better and what is doing well. We are nothing without our customers as we believe they are our most valuable assets.

Should you have an innovation or a little query about our services, please feel free to contact us via telephone or email.

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