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About – Short Term Loans 24

Short Term Loans 24 in an online comparison site, allowing clients to access short term loans from a variety of lenders in the country.

We provide a service to our clients that allow them to get the best possible short term loan options available all online.

Let is find the your suited lender

Clients find our service extremely helpful, especially with so many lenders out in the market all offering great deals on online loans. We however, look further that what is advertised to clients, and have the capabilities to narrow down the search that could take you months.

Instead of searching through hundreds of lenders in the market, to find what could be the right lending option, we do the search for you, and find the actual best solution.

With our leverage and partnerships with sought after blue chip lending brands, we are able to secure better personal loan deals than what you would be able to get on your own.

Flexible terms & rates

We will find a loan for you, with repayment terms and interest rates that fall within your budgetary means, allowing you to repay debt and accounts that crop up when you least need them.

Register online with us today, and have cash in your account within 48 hours! It’s simple, safe and very easy to use.

Services – Short Term Loans 24

Paperless short term loans at – Short Term Loans 24, makes life a lot easier for clients who live busy lives!

You can rely on us to find a short-term loan that falls within your budget and offers more than a convenient way to get cash fast.

All-in-one service

We offer clients an all in one solution to getting cash. We provide the tools for clients not only to apply for a loan, but we also have a number of preferred lenders working with us to provide options from you to choose from.

Online convenience

Our processes are provided online, through paperless and hassle-free steps, to allow our clients to access their cash loans quicker and easier than anywhere else.

We take your required loan needs and evaluate them to provide an outcome that you will benefit from in every way. For the amount offered, to the repayment terms, you get exactly what you want.

Loan options to suit you

Easy, affordable and fast short-term and payday loans, to use as you please. Short term loans are offered to clients in smaller amounts over shorter periods to repay them. They are generally used for emergency situations, when we just don’t have the cash on hand to cover those nasty financial obligations that are thrown at us when we least expect them to.

Summary of Services

  • SHORT-TERM Loans
  • QUICK Loans
  • LOANS for Bad Credit

Short Term Loans 24 – The power to choose your loan product

Gives clients throughout the country an online platform that gives you the power to choose what lending solution you want.

List of lenders available

We offer a comparison between lenders that will narrow down the search for you, determining the best possible outcome on your loan application. With a list of preferred lenders on our site, each offers an exclusive benefit, which may be what you are looking for.

Our short-term loan offers are selected from lenders such as:

Boodle, who offer loan amounts of up to R8 000 with the repayment terms of up to 41 days. Their loans are offered 24/7 with no paperwork, and no hassles. Cash in your bank account within 24 hours, and can be used to cover all those little debts that has cropped up.

Mpowa Finance offers same-day loans up to R2 500. If you are an existing client, the loan amount may be a little larger, and can now be approved on a mobile application while you are on the go.

LoanFinder SA offers a longer repayment term for larger short term loan amounts of up to R150 000, to use for those larger account payments. Also available through a paperless transaction and easy to obtain within 24 hours of your approved application. offers a loan for blacklisted with all the benefits, with no application fees and no paperwork. Their process is quick and allows you to determine what amount you can borrow depending on how much you can afford to pay back.

We have a lender that will suit you best

There are so many lending options to choose from on our lending platform, each with their own benefits and terms. Whichever one suits your needs, will be offered to you during your simple loan application process.

Various loans available

Whether you only looking for a small amount to pay back at your next pay date, or if you wanting a larger amount to pay off over a few or more months, we have all you need under one website, one platform, one simple online application.

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