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About Legal Loans

There are a number of credit plans that we have been offering South Africans.

These include legal, personal and even student loan. At the end of the day, we want our clients to know that Legal Loans is always waiting and ready to assist you with all your credit needs.

Finding you the right loan

It could be any kind of loan that you need; we will do our best to ensure that you get it. Furthermore, having a bad credit history will not stop us from helping you out. It gives us great pleasure to know that we partnered in ensuring that you get the best financial deals by making sure that you get the ultimate personal loan money can provide.

Legal Loans Services

The reason a lot of South Africans come to us when they are looking for personal finance is that they know the advantages they going to get with our deals. Affordability and flexibility is key to us.

Everyone is welcome to apply

As long as you meet our criteria, there is nothing stopping you from applying for a student loan. Make use of our unsecured quick loans and let us help you get ahead with your studies and greatest ambitions.

Legal Loans – Student loan

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Benefits of Legal Loans

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  • PERSONAL Loans

Student loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
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Speedy loan services is what we strive to deliver at Legal Loans

Enrolling for a course in a higher education institution is one of the greatest milestones in life.

There are so many hurdles you going to jump such as trying to find the necessary aid to financing your studies. Legal Loans will give you one less problem to worry about if you meet all our requirements, the money will be sent to your bank account in no time.

Top notch loan service

We hired the best in the field. Qualified and impeccable people who will ensure that your online loan application is a breeze. If there is anything you need clarity on, don’t be afraid of giving us a call and we will see to it that we explain everything in finer detail.

Find a loan that you can be happy about

Seeing that there are different lenders and brokers, it makes sense that you should find one that meets your financial expectations and limits. This way, you will know if are still well within par of your budget. However, you will be notified if you are spending more than what you actually have. We also offer bad credit loans.

Apply with a bad credit history

Everyone has the right to quality education. Money or rather the lack of money shouldn’t be the reason why you can empower yours with learning. Student loans are the available alternative that you can use to ensure that you get educated in the best way you know how.

Blacklisted parents are not a concern

Life has a way of going in the opposite direction when you have predicted it to go the other way. Bad credit is something that you can learn from but shouldn’t dwell too much on if you are spending your money wisely. Mistakes only happen so that we can learn from them. If you are interested in our personal loan, you can apply for it and we will be sure to see that we help you. As a parent, it is a dream to see your child graduate and reach heights you couldn’t reach yourself. Therefore, don’t let the fact that you were or are still black listed stop you from doing what’s best for your child. Give us and call and let us decide your fate after having a look at your documents.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

They responded very quickly after I submitted my application for a student loan.

Martin A
— Kimberley —

March 2019

The staff treated me so well while I was applying for a student loan. They were very polite and understanding.

Ingrid M
— Boksburg —

April 2019

I am very impressed with the level of professionalism at Legal Loans. Their team is outstanding!

Zane G
— Vanderbijlpark —

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