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About – Loan TycoonSa

The company's goal is to help South Africans find the ideal personal, payday or student loan for their needs without any difficulties. It works a wide network of lenders and has a solid partnership with all of them.

Getting the best terms and conditions

Whenever you need a loan, you simply need to contact the broker and they will take care of the rest. The company will provide the perfect personal loan for you and negotiate your approval and the best terms and conditions with the lender.

LoanTycoonSA is dedicated to assisting blacklisted individuals, those who have defaulted on current loan repayment and those who are facing court judgements.

Services – Loan TycoonSa

Loan TycoonSA is a personal finance specialist who is always ready to help with an affordable and safe credit solution. We provide a wide variety of loans for any need.

We offer fast and simple payday loans and flexible personal and short term loans. Loan TycoonSA is a highly experienced broker with excellent reputation in the market. 

get out of debt 

We can help you get out of debt and restore your financial stability with our debt consolidation loans. You can take advantage of our loans for bad credit which are among the most competitive you will find. You can take out up to R150 000. We welcome all South African citizens of legal age who are employed and earn a monthly income of R1,500 or higher.

Summary of Services

  • Personal Long-term Loans
  • Student Loans 
  • University Grants
  • Education Finance
  • Study Loans 
  • Personal Loans

Loan TycoonSA Student Loans Review - How Beneficial Are They?

As a student, you have to pay not only your tuition fees, but cover all expenses for books, accommodation, food and travel. This can be quite challenging if you come from an average South African family. That is why you can consider obtaining finance from a lender. Read this Loan TycoonSA student loans review to find out whether these products can be a good source of finance for you.

providing brokerage services to South Africans

Loan TycoonSA is a company providing brokerage services to South Africans looking for financial products such as loans and insurance policies. The company specialises in assisting people who are blacklisted. It works with a large number of lenders.

You can expect to receive a professional and dedicated service no matter whether you apply for a loan online, over the phone or in the office of the company. The service fee is R299. It is important to note that its payment does not guarantee you automatic approval. It covers the costs incurred by the lender for negotiating on your behalf.

find the right product for you

The student loans of Loan TycoonSA are provided by a variety of lenders. The broker works to find the right product for you based on your individual needs and requirements described in your application. The service is pretty fast. You will know the outcome of your application within 24 hours and often on the very same day.

Borrow up to R200 000

The maximum study loan amount available is R200 000. This is perfectly sufficient for covering virtually all of your major expenses for a whole year and not only tuition fees. The size of the loan will depend on the income of your parent or sponsor, however. The minimum income requirement is R1 500 per month.

Student Loans for Blacklisted Parents and Students

The student loans offered by this broker typically work in the same way as traditional personal loans. The repayment term starts from the moment you sign the loan agreement. The monthly instalments include both principal and interest amounts from the very beginning. The interest rates are competitive but, they do reflect the fact that the borrowers are blacklisted. This review finds the student loans available via Loan TycoonSA to be suitable for students whose parent or sponsor is blacklisted.

 Contact Details

Zonnekus Road, Morning Star, Blaauwberg, Western Cape, 7443, South Africa
Ph: 021 801 1251 / 021 527 0063
Fx: 086 232 7973

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