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About PicotiFin

PicotiFin is a registered financial services provider that is based in Alberton.

We are just a group of people that ensure that you get a student loan you can afford considering the economy that we live in now.

A fast and efficient loan service

The reason people hesitate when it comes to a loan application is because of the time taken to process everything. However, at PicotiFin, our online loan application is fast and effective meaning you will get your money before the end of the business day.

PicotiFin Services

Troubles often come when you least expect it and it is our job to ensure that you worry less because we are here to help you.

Is PicotiFin ideal for students?

Seeing that people usually prefer getting personal loans to ensure that their academic year is paid off, there is nothing wrong with ensuring that you pay off everything that needs to be accounted for with our student loan.

When you take our student loan, we will ensure that the basic costs such as tuition fees, books, study materials, accommodation and food are covered. When we take care of these necessities, all that you are left with is excelling on your grades. Getting a legal working guardian is often the recommendation we give our clients as it makes the loan application process easier

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Benefits of PicotiFin

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Student loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
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Picotifin will helping you finance a better education

All our credit products and services are easily understood because everything is written in black and white on the credit agreement you are given before we send the money to your bank account. We don’t hide any information from our customers; everything is laid out in the open.

Enhance your academic studies

The fact that there is no security on our short-term cash loans doesn’t mean you have nothing to lose. The credibility of a client is crucial when you are looking for a loan. Therefore, ensure that you don’t miss your monthly instalments so that you are always above par when it comes to your affordability. It is quite difficult to clear your name when you have become a bad payer, don’t put yourself under unnecessary financial stress.

Interest rates are reasonably low

Our interest rate charges on study loans are affordable and won’t cause any strain on your budget. Fortunately, you will still be able to pay off your monthly expenses.

Student financial worry is a thing of the past

There is little to no worry you will encounter when all your student loans have been dealt with. PicotiFin gives you the opportunity of focusing on what is important – hammering those exams and assigns. Leave the financials up to the professionals of PicotiFin. We will go out of our way to ensure that you get a credit plan you will be proud to have. At the end of the day, it gives us great pleasure to know that we have helped someone and now they have excelled and become successful in their chosen field. While it might have been a dream long ago, it has turned into reality now. Gone are the days when people find it difficult to go to school because of insufficient funds. PicotiFin will fund your dream if you qualify with our lending requirements.

As much as we want everybody to prosper, we can’t do much if we see that you don’t qualify for our loan. The best we can do is to advise you going further on what you need to do better in the future so that your next student loan application is not turned down. Find out if you qualify today!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

I applaud you on delivering a fantastic service!

Kholwa N
— Krugersdorp —

March 2019

A colleague told me how affordable her student loan was from PicotiFin so I decided to approach them as well. I was so happy when they offered me a loan that’s within my budget. This makes managi...

Buhle M
— Grahamstown —

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