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About Vehicle Finance

South Africans can get incredible private car loan deals through Vehicle Finance's online services. 

They provide online loan services that will make your life so much easier. They understand that in today’s world no one has time for a lengthy loan application.

When it comes to car finance, you want the process to be quick and simple and you want the outcome on your loan application as quickly as possible.

Understanding your needs

It can be difficult to juggle your rent, living expenses and unexpected costs that can quickly take a toll on your wallet.

The process of applying for an easy online loan is quick and simple because Vehicle Finance understands your needs and want to bring you exactly what you're looking for.

Apply for vehicle finance online

There's no paperwork to complete; you don’t even need to visit a branch. Vehicle Finance uses its experience in the vehicle finance industry to leverage the best deals for you.

You'll get personal service and assistance from beginning to end, to ensure that you receive a more affordable and suitable offer.

An independent, reliable lender

As an independent firm, they're allowed to make our own rules and don’t charge a third party fee. This will leave you smiling at the low monthly instalments you'll be able to secure. 

Vehicle Finance Services

With Vehicle Finance you can apply for a car loan online.

No more complicated paperwork and piles of documents. Apply in only a few moments and receive your outcome very quickly.

Vehicle Finance makes use of innovative technology to assist you with vehicle finance in SA. This technology makes it quicker than ever before to have your loan application approved.

You'll need to complete a very short registration and application form, provide a few personal details, and they'll source the best loan for your needs.

Immediate pre-approval

Vehicle Finance provides immediate loan pre-approval on your application, allowing you to start looking for a vehicle immediately and knowing exactly how much you have to spend.

Once your application has been pre-approved you'll be required to submit a copy of your SA ID document to prove you are a South African resident. A copy of your last 3 payslips to show you can afford to repay the loan, and 3 bank statements (most recent). They'll then contact you either by fax, email or telephone to proceed with the application.

Additional services available

As part of their service, they'll assist you in getting your new car licensed and roadworthy. Receive your car finance within 24 hours and secure the car you've always dreamed of driving! Let Vehicle Finance provide the financial means to make your life easier and get you on the road in no time!

Vehicle Finance – Car finance

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Benefits of Vehicle Finance

  • Private car finance
  • Roadworthy and car licence

Car finance calculator

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Vehicle Finance in South Africa offers clients better deals and more benefits

With top innovative processes and a quick online application, Vehicle Finance can grant your loan in minutes and have you driving away in your new car the very same week!

Follow these easy steps to apply

  • Apply via their website, they'll conduct a brief credit check and verify your details. Submit your supporting documents including your ID documents, three months bank statements, and 3 recent payslips.
  • Complete the application form and request a car loan amount. Once your loan application has been approved they'll contact you. They'll draw up a contract stating the terms and conditions of your loan, and send it to you to sign.
  • You can conveniently calculate the amount you require and figure out your repayment terms and costs on the calculator available on their website.
  • This will help you determine how much you can afford to borrow. There are no hidden costs and the amounts, including the fees, are added in terms of the repayment plan structures.

Keeping your information secure

All of your information will always remain confidential, and private. Vehicle Finance believes in privacy at all times. You'll always remain a VIP client with this local lender. If you need any assistance during your partnership with them, you'll have access to their call centre to speak to a consultant.

Try Vehicle Finance's online platform today

Get pre-approved so you know exactly how much you have to spend! The process is so simple that you can surprise your family by coming home from work in your new car in days! Apply for a loan with Vehicle Finance today and get finance by experts who really care!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2019

Great service and I got the car I wanted for cheaper I recommend them.

Joshua M
— Port Elizabeth —

June 2019

Super easy application all you need to do is up loan 3 Months bank statements and your ID and you can be approved in a few minutes just like I was.

Alice S
— Port Elizabeth —

May 2019

They have gone above and beyond to help me get my car loan and I couldn’t be happier.

Tanya D
— Cape Town —

June 2019

I got my car and could be happier it went super fast.

Billy M
— Johannesburg —

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