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Merchant Finance

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About – Merchant Finance

Merchant Finance is a successful and experienced joint venture firm in South Africa, offering a combination of services to clients.

We provide financial solutions as well as the guidance and expert financial advice to help you with your business development.

Let us secure the capital you need

Our success over the years is due to our involvement with the financial support for small and medium SME companies who are starting off or are still new in the industry. Businesses, who are struggling to move forward and need capital to grow their empire and can rely on our services to support their financial needs. We understand that this is not always possible through larger banks in SA, and decided to promote a service that filled the gap in this market space.

Unsecured business loan options

We use online solutions that work fast, and allow you the freedom and the convenience to apply from your office space. We work in line with your needs, to provide the benefits you can expect from quality is driven services provider.

Apply online today, and look forward to seeing the business you envisage grow to the thriving and successful venture you dreamed of. We are here to help you reach a promising business revolution.

Services – Merchant Finance

We offer clients who are looking for a business loan, the capital they need to take their company to the next level.

Here is a business solution that provides the means to help your business grow, and reach its full potential.

Business clients receive these benefits and more

  • Unsecured business loan options to meet your business growth needs
  • Online application through our website which takes only a few minutes to complete
  • We provide feedback on your loan application fast
  • Get payment of your approved business loan into your bank account within no more than five days

Why do business clients use our services? It’s simple!

An easy and effective way to get cash, without the stress of leaving your office! You can use your business loan to cover any business expenses, emergency payments, and tax payments, renovations to your building, salary bonuses and more.

We have done our research, and did you know, that majority of businesses do not make it past their first two years in business, because they don’t have the capital to get further and grow their companies. This is one good reason to make use of our financial services. Don’t be a statistic, there is a way to finance the growth of your business, and we have it right here!

Summary of Services

  • BUSINESS Finance

Merchant Finance has business loans to suit your every need

Getting a business loan is as simple as ever, to ensure that you can get on with running your company.

With a few easy steps, you can have the cash you need to grow your company within 5 days. Life can get so hectic, and the long hours that go into running a business, we know you don’t have time to run around, making appointments or standing in a queue to get your application completed.

We simplified the entire process for our clients

It allows our customers to complete their business loan application online. All the information we need can be completed and uploaded through our innovative technology-based online platform, which works through an integrated system, streamlining all your data.

How does it work?

Once you have completed the form, we will be in touch with you and discuss which supporting documents you will need to submit to us. These can also be sent to us via email or fax, to alleviate any wasted time in getting your loan. Once we receive the documentation requested by you, we can do all the verifications we need to do, in order to propose a solution for your business loan needs.

We will confirm the eligibility of your business as well as what amount you qualify for. Once your documentation and application have been processed and verified, we will put together an agreement for you to look over. Once you have signed the terms of the agreement and are happy with the amount we offer you as well as the repayment terms, we can start processing the payment.

You can expect the payment of your required business loan amount to be directly paid into your bank account within no more than 5 days.

Your business loan can benefit you in many ways

If you are a thriving business, and on the verge of growing, this capital can help you to expand your building, invest in more assets, vehicles, business office equipment and much more. Investing in your business through the partnership of Merchant Finance can be the most positive venture you make.

We care about seeing your company reach its full potential, and want to help you build your empire to its greatest potential.

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Fedgroup Place, 1st Floor, Willie Van Schoor Ave, Bellville, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7530, South Africa
Ph: 021 914 9857
Em: apply@merchantfinance.co.za