When it comes to banking you need a bank who understands your needs and is willing to go the extra mile for you as their customer.

With a number of banking institutes in the country all offering a multitude of products to suit your lifestyles and financial needs, South Africans are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right banking partner.

Whether you are looking for general banking, online loans, finance for your car or home, we have everything you need through any of our banking sectors.

It shouldn’t be difficult to get finance for whatever particular reason you need it.

Assuming you have a good credit record, and a steady job brining in a monthly income, you will be sure to find a financial firm to help you.

Getting a loan

This is a common need in South Africa. There are many reasons why we may need to get a loan, and sometimes, we need it fast. Our monthly wage may not cover our financial needs and unexpected costs that may come up without any warning. In particular times of the year, we need to pay out more money than we anticipated.

For example, beginning of the year, when school fees and uniforms need to be paid and bought, your car needs a full service or you have overspent on your Christmas budget.

These are just a few of the logical and real situations we all face. Price increases annually seem to creep up on us, while our salaries don’t always meet the increased margins. There are so many factors to take into consideration in today’s economic world. Personal loans and pay day loans are readily available at all major banking institutes. With technology making life a lot simpler, you can now access most of these online loans, wherever and whenever you need to.

Turnaround times are quick, and banks offer customised loan repayment solutions to make your loan bearable and affordable. With the internet at your fingertips, you can browse through hundreds of websites, where loans are available. Bearing in mind, majority of the banking firms do require you to have a clear or suitable credit rating, which is essential for them to keep in line with the National Credit Act of South Africa.

To make life even easier for you, and help you budget for a loan, banks offer convenient loan calculators on their websites. This helps you to determine what you can afford to borrow, and how much it will cost you each month. Once you have applied through the required application process of the particular bank you choose, your cash can in most cases, be paid into your bank account within 24 hours of approval.

We are lucky to have banking institutes which encourage responsible lending, also in terms of the National Credit Act. This allows banks to lend only the amount which you can afford. They will not lend you more than you can afford to pay back comfortably, and drown you in debt.

Loan Fees & Interest Rates

Clients, who are looking into applying for finance, need to understand the terms and agreements from the banking institutes. It’s important to ready these instructions very carefully before signing on the dotted line. It’s all very well to say you need to lend a specific amount of cash, but bearing in mind, there are costs involved in the transaction of these loans amounts. Interest rates are particularly high on short term loans. These loans are usually in smaller amounts over shorter repayment periods.

Ensure you know the full amount before agreeing to the repayment amounts. Lenders are encouraged to charge the amount that is endorsed by the National Credit Act, so ensure you are not being overcharged. Short term and pay day loans should be used in cases of emergencies and times when you need that little boost in your bank account to make ends meet.

You can pay these loans off quicker, and not have years of debt to pay on one little loan.

Loan Options in South Africa

Banks offer two main loan options in South Africa. The first being short term and payday loans and the other being long term loans. The differentiators are quite simple. Short term loans as mentions, are smaller amounts loaned over shorter periods. Pay day loans can accommodate you till your next pay date. In some instances, there are options to pay off a pay day loan over longer than a month, but these are not frequently found.

Short term loans and pay day loans should be used as an emergency fund – quick cash fix. Repayment terms for these loans are usually over a couple of months. These loans are quite easy to obtain through online platforms, providing you meet the banking criteria. The amounts available for short term loans can range from R100 to as much as R30,000, depending on the bank you choose, and what your affordability is. Short term loans are usually unsecured, which means you don’t need to provide any collateral when applying for cash.

Long term loans are often a little more complicated

These loans are of larger quantities, and longer repayment periods, for example, you can pay off these loans over periods of up to 10 years, and sometimes longer. This all depends on the amount you borrow, which can be amounts of R50 000 upwards.

There are many reasons for acquiring longer term loans and can be in the form of home loans as well. Long term loans can often unsecured, which mean you may need collateral to obtain the cash, or have someone sign surety for you in the event that you cannot pay back the loan amount.

With long term loans, online applications may not always apply due to the intrinsic matter of the loans.

You may need to visit your bank and do a face to face application with your banker.

Debt Consolidation options

South Africans can easily find themselves overwhelmed with debt. It’s so easy to buy on credit, with retail stores handing out easy credit without hassles. Quick cash loans readily available to people who need instant cash. Before you know it, you have overspent on your credit cards, your overdraft is maxed, and your retail store cards are over the limit.

Banks offer an option of consolidating your debt into one loan. If you were paying for instance, six different amounts every month on debt which you have accumulated. The clever thing to do would be to combine all of those debts, into one loan, and pay only one instalment every month.

The instalment would be a lower amount, allowing you to live a little better that you did before.

Bearing in mind, this is not a free ticket to now take out more loans. Should your accumulated debt be extremely high, and you cannot afford to pay them off, then there are other options available like debt review.

Factors to keep in mind

Before taking out a loan or choosing a banking partner in South Africa, remember and consider all your options. Choose a bank which best suits your needs, look at the different rewards you can obtain through banking with them, and do they cover a vast array of products you can benefit from.

Think long term & can you afford to take out a loan

Can you afford the repayments taking into account the interest and rates? Does the loan offer insurance, should something happen to you, the loan will be insured. Look at the different savings options, and will you get value from the accumulated interest on that savings option? Ensure you get flexibility – should you wish to repay your loan early, are you going to be penalised? There are many offers out there to compare.

South African banking has made the choice easy for you, and offers you a world of opportunity in the banking sector of your life.