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About HBZ Bank

Are you unsure about your banking choices? Do you need financial and banking advice? Allow HBZ Bank to reduce your load by providing you with the best banking services.

HBZ is a family-centred bank

HBZ Bank was established in South Africa in the late 1900s and is known for its swift services and its Islamic banking division.

For the last 27 years, HBZ Bank has been growing and progressing within the banking industry with the help of its professional and experienced staff members. They provide you with only the best services and go the extra mile to ensure that all your financial needs are taken care of.

Once you become a customer and make use of their services, you’ll be able to experience friendly and consistent support.

Long-term goals and accomplishments

HBZ Bank considers your needs carefully. They’ve been working towards understanding and satisfying customers' needs by supplying them with flexible and affordable products and services.

They’ve been rewarded with the certificate of excellence for the Best Bank and the Best Corporate Finance House of the year award. With the help of their skillful staff and supportive clients, they’ve achieved many great things.

HBZ Banking’s speciality and uniqueness

HBZ Bank is known for delivering personalised banking services that allow you to manage your finances accurately. They also let you choose from various options that meet your financial requirements and budget.

A beam of light with their Islamic banking options

Everyone believes in something that keeps them going. HBZ Bank believes in the basics of faith and value. This commitment has enabled them to supply Islamic banking services that are Sariah-Compliant.

Islamic banking includes features such as Sirat premium call accounts, savings accounts, current accounts and investments. These services are made available to individuals and businesses of any religious belief.

HBZ Bank Services

HBZ Bank is not only popular for its banking but also for its trade products and services. You can go to HBZ Bank for any financial inquiries, and they’ll assist immediately.

HBZ Bank specialises in trade financing and they’ve been providing their clients with different financial services and products which include:

  • Personal banking
  • Business banking
  • Islamic banking
  • e-banking
  • Debit cards
  • E-wallet services

Lending products pertaining to business banking

Whether your business needs finances to grow or you’d like to start your own, you can get all the required help from HBZ. They provide alternative packages that fit the exact needs of your business.

You can even apply for foreign currency services which allow you to do your business internationally. With their collection of products and affordable rates, you can get your business going and growing within no time.

Start benefiting from HBZ Bank’s world-class banking services

At HBZ Bank, you will benefit from their simply online application process. This allows you to inquire, apply and do submissions from the comfort of your home.

Once you’ve received your approval you get to view your balance and interact with your finances without visiting a branch. These all can be done while being in South Africa or visiting another country. No more setbacks, you get to travel and experience the world while still enjoying your banking benefits.

Establishing international growth within your everyday life

Getting yourself established internationally can take time and energy but with the help of HBZ Bank, you can shorten the time frame. They correspond with various banks around the world, thus allowing them to make your international trading quick and easy.

HBZ Bank – Bank

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Benefits of HBZ Bank

  • Manage your finances
  • A range of banking services
  • Investment
  • Trade products and services

HBZ’s simplified banking products and services

You can’t go wrong with HBZ Bank. From affordable packages to flexible advice, you can benefit all the way.

The process when applying at HBZ Bank

  1. Visit HBZ Bank’s website
  2. Download the application form for your desired banking product
  3. Fill in the form and get all documents ready
  4. Submit your application form with the attached documents or visit your nearest branch
  5. Wait on your approval message and enjoy your banking journey

Conditions when banking with HBZ Bank

When applying at your regular bank, you need to meet the minimum requirements as well as their application criteria. At HBZ Bank, the requirements will differ according to the product you choose.

Three documents need to be submitted, which consist of your paycheck, proof of house address, and, lastly, your official identification card along with a verified copy.

The three documents required are your proof of identity, confirmation of income, and a copy of your recent utility bill that’s registered in your name. Once you have these in order, you’re ready to apply.

Rates involved when acquiring finances

When applying for financing it’s important to make sure that the right rates and fees are applied. Therefore when you do the calculations for your financing at HBZ Bank, you’ll need to contact one of their agents or visit your nearest branch manager.

This process is to make sure that your banking fees correspond with your preferred financing package. They’ll then walk you through the process as well as introduce you to your banking fees.

Enjoy your financial cruise

When applying at HBZ Bank, you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy all the benefits that come your way. You can now afford to go on that family vacation while managing your finances and investing in yourself.

International banking services from HBZ

HBZ Bank provides various international services. Whether you’re travelling and in need of foreign exchange or perhaps you’re looking to expand your business overseas, you can rest assured that HBZ Bank has you covered with the best international banking services.

HBZ’s service summary

  • Banking transactions
  • Sorting of documents for both trade and business loans
  • Transferring of finances
  • Setup of contracts and many more

Should you require assistance with international options, you can contact your local branch for assistance.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2022

Finding a bank that could cater to all my needs was proving to be difficult. A friend suggested I look at HBZ Bank’s website. I am glad I decided to take my banking to them. They offer everything...

Friday N
— Port Elizabeth —

August 2022

I would like to take the opportunity to thank HBZ Bank for the outstanding customer service they provided me with. They offer an all-in-one banking solution and I can access my money when I need ...

Alexa M
— Cape Town —

October 2022

HBZ Bank has provided me with outstanding banking solutions. Their service is accessible and reliable. I would recommend them to anyone that needs a one-stop shop for all their banking needs.

Shawn P
— George —

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