Is your Debt ruining your life?

Get the help you need today and experience instant debt relief!

Access budget advice, and debt restructuring from experts that know exactly how to negotiate with your creditors to reduce your monthly repayments.  

How to get rid of Debt, fast?

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Feeling overwhelmed with debt that is getting out of control?

Leading debt review providers are ready to help you get back to a better financial life where you can be in control and properly take care of your family again.

What is Debt review?

The best way towards financial freedom!

Debt review has helped thousands of South Africans in hopeless situations to get back on their feet and it can help you too – remember you are not alone.

Get help from a range of the very best debt review experts in the country with ample experience in the field. They will look at your income, expenses, and debt to help you to restructure payments so that you can afford them while still having enough money left at the end of the month to cover your living costs and entertainment.

They have the knowledge and experience to negotiate a better rate with your creditors on your behalf, enabling you to possibly save thousands on interest and pay off your debt much faster!

How does Debt review work?

The process is quicker and easier than you think!

Become a happier, stress-free, debt-free you in just a few steps:

Step 1) Complete an online debt assessment, this will only take a few minutes and is completely free. This is a quick breakdown of your financial situation and some basic personal details that you will need to provide.

Step 2) An assessment will be done by a debt counsellor; they will then pull up a debt review plan.

Important Note: Get assistance from a debt counsellor your monthly expenses and debt have to exceed your monthly income.

Step 3) If you are happy with their plan and accept, you will then be placed under debt review and enjoy legal protection, so your creditors can’t take legal action against you.  

They will inform the credit bureaus and all your credit providers that you are under debt review and negotiate much better rates for you.

Step 4) Once finalized, an attorney will apply at the court to make your restructured payment plan a court order.

Step 5) Experience instant relief as you will only have to repay a single, reduced payment that you can easily afford, leaving you with extra cash at the end of each month.

Who can apply for Debt counselling/ Debt review?

Over-indebted people.

You can qualify if you are struggling to cope with your monthly obligations and your monthly debt repayments and expenses are more than your income.

The assessment will be performed by a qualified debt counselling consultant who is registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) to determine your over-indebtedness before sending an instruction to all your credit providers once you have signed a power of attorney.

The advantages of Debt review 

  • Instant relief and less stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • They will deal with your credit providers on your behalf.
  • Legal protection against creditors.
  • You can avoid harassing phone calls from debt collectors.
  • Better financial management– an opportunity to learn how to manage personal finances.
  • Unlock your cash flow– Paying a consolidation loan, with a reduced instalment can cut on interest and save you a lot of money, making sure that your living expenses are covered too.
  • No legal action– they will protect your assets from repossession, and also protect you from judgments and adverse listings.
  • Help you to redirect your path to financial freedom and have control of your finances again.
  • A better credit score

The disadvantages of Debt review

You cannot incur more credit

If you are under debt review, you will not be able to obtain more credit or incur more debt. This is not as much a disadvantage as it is an advantage. For the very reason, that debt is the very reason for going on debt review.  

Longer debt repayment

Naturally, you can expect longer debt repayment terms as your debt repayment terms and loan repayment terms are renegotiated.

How long will it take to get out of Debt review?

This all depends on how much debt you have and how much you can afford to repay monthly, and of course your level of commitment to become debt-free.

Even though your debt counsellor will negotiate a repayment plan with your creditors that you can afford, you can fast-track the process by paying extra towards your debts.

The more you pay the faster you will be able to exit debt review.


Don’t let debt give you sleepless nights, stress, anxiety, or depression. It is never too late to turn your situation around and with the right financial solution.

Through the right debt counsellor, just like millions of other South Africans, you can experience a full and happy, debt-free life again.