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About Debt Guides

If you’re in a struggle to keep up with your monthly financial obligations, debt review might be the solution to your problem.

Finding the help you need to ultimately become debt-free starts with acquiring the services of a trustworthy and reputable company. For this, Debt Guides could help you take back control of your finances.

The accomplishments of Debt Guides

Assisting South Africans to become debt free is a passion for Debt Guides. They’re committed to helping you with better money management skills by sticking with you till the end.

To date, they’ve assisted more than 15,000 customers and saved them more than R2 million combined. With more than 250 customer reviews, you can rest assured that they can help you overcome your financial burdens.

What is debt review?

Debt review is a process that was brought about by the National Credit Regulator. With more and more South Africans unable to meet their financial obligations, the NCR decided to offer a lifeline in the form of debt review.

The process involves acquiring the services of a debt counsellor who’ll look at your current financial situation and review your various monthly instalments into a single monthly payment.

Taking into consideration your living expenses, your debt counsellor negotiates with your creditors on your behalf for a lower monthly payment and less interest.

When to file for debt review

When you feel that you’re struggling to keep up with your monthly financial obligations, you could qualify for debt review.

Contact the debt review company of your choice and make an appointment. A debt counsellor will assess your situation to establish whether you qualify or not. If you do qualify, you can start with the process.

Debt Guides Services

At Debt Guides, it’s all about you. They entered the industry to offer you a legal and reliable method to take back control of your finances. They care about your financial well-being and are committed to giving you back your financial freedom.

What to expect from Debt Guides

Apart from dedicated customer service, you can expect to find the help you need to repay your debt responsibly and regain a good credit record. Your registered Debt Guides counsellor will sit with you and do a thorough assessment of your finances.

Once it’s established that you qualify for debt review, a restructuring of your debt is done. This involves working out a plan to pay off your debt in a combined monthly instalment until all your debt is settled.

What makes debt review popular?

Debt review has gained popularity over the past years as there’s been a steady rise in the number of South Africans struggling with debt.

Other than the reason mentioned, the debt review process prevents your creditors from taking any legal action against you in the future. You get to take back control and protect your assets from repossession.

What happens when my debt is settled?

When you reach the point where all of your debt is paid in full, your debt counsellor will issue you with a certificate stating that your debt is paid off.

You can use this certificate to clear your credit record and remove the flag for debt review from your name. Once your name is cleared on the credit bureau, your credit score is set back to zero and you start with a clean slate.

Other services offered by Debt Guides

Apart from debt review, Debt Guides also offer a credit monitoring service. This service enables you to check your credit report, see what your current credit score is and track your monthly payments at any time you like for free.

Debt Guides – Debt review

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Benefits of Debt Guides

  • Reduce debt
  • Affordable debt solutions
  • One easy repayment plan

Regain control of your finances with Debt Guides

Applying for debt review is the first step to regaining control of your finances.

Making an informed decision to acquire the services of Debt Guides will help you to secure a debt-free future for yourself and your family.

To complete the application you’ll need:

  • Your South African ID document/Smartcard
  • Proof of your current address not older than three months
  • Stamped bank statements for the past three months
  • Your three most recent payslips
  • A complete breakdown of your income and expenses
  • A list of all your current creditors
  • A list of all your financial dependants

How the debt review application works

Debt Guides has compiled an easy and understandable 6-step process for your journey to a debt-free future. Your debt counsellor will be with you every step of the way with help and advice.

  1. Go online and navigate to the Debt Guides website. Complete the free, online debt assessment. Provide them with all the relevant information and submit it.
  2. A debt counsellor assesses your application to establish if you qualify for debt review.
  3. If you qualify, your dedicated debt counsellor will set up a restructuring of your current debt, taking your daily living expenses into consideration.
  4. When the restructuring is done, the debt counsellor negotiates with your creditors for the lower instalment plan and lower interest rates.
  5. Once your creditors confirm the payment plan, you’re formally placed under debt review. The debt counsellor gets a court order to confirm this and you’re immediately protected from any further legal action or repossession of your belongings.
  6. You’ll keep paying the agreed-upon monthly instalment until your debt is settled. You’ll be issued a clearance certificate and you can now enjoy a debt-free future.

5 Reasons to choose Debt Guides

  1. No harassing calls from creditors
  2. Enjoy protection from legal action
  3. Regain control of your finances
  4. Protection from repossession of your assets
  5. Avoid getting blacklisted

Let Debt Guides be your key to financial freedom

Falling into the pit of unbearable debt is nothing to be ashamed of. The cost of everything is on the rise and more and more South Africans are struggling to get by.

Debt Guides is here to provide you with a legal and responsible way to free yourself from debt. Start focusing on your future and let Debt Guides help you to manage your debt responsibly.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2022

I was so over-indebted and I was unsure what to do. A friend suggested that I use the service of Debt Guides to help me work out a plan. I filed for debt review and they helped me to regain my li...

Friday N
— Port Elizabeth —

June 2022

The staff at Debt Guides is so friendly and knowledgeable. The consultant assisted me with everything I needed to know in order to apply for debt review. I’m so relieved that I can breathe again ...

Bongani N
— Port Elizabeth —

January 2023

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Debt Guides for standing by me through the entire debt review process. They’ve made my life easier and I now worry a lot less than before.

Johan A
— Kuruman —

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