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About DCGsa

Times are tough and when you’re presented with difficult financial choices, it helps to know that there are sound solutions available to help you cope.

DCGsa debt counsellors are one of the leaders in its field and have assisted countless clients to turn their financial woes around.

How debt review can help you

If you’re having a difficult time paying all your creditors on time, you’ll be happy to know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Debt counselling is a process through which you’re assisted to restructure your debts in a way that helps you regain control over your finances.

Debt counselling restores your dignity and prevents you from losing valuable assets through repossession. It also offers you a way back into the credit market as it restores your creditworthiness. The concept has a proven track record internationally.

A team you can trust

Since its conception in 2018, the company has won various accolades for stellar service. DCGsa’s knowledgeable team comprises lawyers and advocates, all experts in matters of finance. The company’s primary concern is your financial well-being. By opting for debt review you’ll get huge relief from the heavy financial burden you’re carrying.

All processes have your dignity at their core. DCGsa offers hope if you’re over-indebted as the debt review process will enable you to re-enter the credit market.

Owner Casper le Grange is a registered debt counsellor whose passion and commitment clearly reflects in DCGsa’s undisputed record as a company that cares.

A proven record of excellence

In its short existence, DCGsa has already received a number of accolades. They’ve been recognised as one of the top 5 large debt counsellors in South Africa, as well as Best Large Debt Counsellor in 2021. Being acknowledged by their peers in the industry stands as testimony to the great service you can expect from them.

DCGsa Services

DCGsa offers holistic financial services solutions to consumers who are serious about overcoming their debt challenges. They partner with you to address your money challenges and their sound advice can be trusted, as you’re being kept in the loop throughout.

They understand the difficulty in deciding which accounts to pay first when you’re struggling. When you get to this point it simply makes sense to approach the experts for an in-depth debt assessment and advice on a way forward.

The process will free up valuable extra cash for you to direct towards daily living expenses. The company also offers assistance with the drafting of free wills and the administration of estates. They even give personal budget training to help you with financial planning.

An escape route out of a difficult predicament

  • You have to borrow money to meet your financial responsibilities
  • You’ve started to live off your credit card
  • You prioritize accounts according to their importance and leave some unpaid
  • You’re getting threatening letters and calls from your creditors
  • A Section 129 letter of demand has been served
  • You have judgments against your name

Debt counselling isn’t administration

  • Contrary to administration, there’s no limit on the debt amount (inclusive of your prized assets such as your house and vehicle).
  • When you opt for debt counselling, you’ll only be flagged at the credit bureaus until you receive your clearance certificate at the conclusion of the process. If you undergo administration, you’ll be blacklisted.
  • Administration is much more costly than debt counselling.
  • Debt counselling is geared towards larger debts that include valuable assets.

The process is costly

The primary objective of DCGsa is, after all, to get clients out of debt. You can, therefore, rest assured that all fees and disbursements will be absorbed in your payment plan in one instalment you can afford. Your only responsibility is to ensure that your loan instalment is paid every month.

DCGsa – Debt review

  • Loan Type Debt review

Benefits of DCGsa

  • Advice to manage your debt
  • Protection against creditors
  • Reduced debt instalments
  • Get a clearance certificate

Do you qualify for debt review with DCGsa?

If your outstanding debt amounts to more than R50 000 (inclusive of your house and vehicle) you qualify for assistance.

DCGsa’s step-by-step debt review process

  1. Your designated debt counsellor will create a budget to honour your debt commitments and cover monthly household expenses.
  2. This budget will allow for lower monthly installments over a fixed time period.
  3. Your counsellor will negotiate cheaper interest rates on your behalf.
  4. The conciliation process starts immediately upon your application.
  5. Administrative costs are much less.
  6. You have the choice to increase your monthly repayments should you have more money available. You can thus repay all your debts more quickly.
  7. Upon full repayment, you will receive a clearance certificate that will restore your credit record.

A proven way back to financial freedom

  • The payment structure is adjusted to your specific needs.
  • You only pay one easy monthly installment and the repayment time frame is reasonable.
  • You have a smaller debt installment with reduced interest rates (subject to your creditors’ approval)
  • You enjoy legal protection against your creditors and retain your assets.
  • You’ll notice a swift improvement in your financial situation.
  • You’ll have enough money for day-to-day living expenses.
  • Your insurance policies won’t be affected as they’re included in your payment plan.

Debt review versus debt consolidation

It’s important to note that debt counselling differs from taking out a debt consolidation loan to pay off debts. It’s simply a process that helps you meet your financial obligations in a way that works best for you and your creditors. Although your credit bureau profiles will indicate that you chose to undergo debt review, you’ll not be blacklisted.

Once the process has been concluded and all your creditors have been paid in full, you’ll get a clearance certificate as proof of your clear record with credit bureaus under the National Credit Regulator.

No blame or shame

There’s no shame in having to acknowledge that you can’t cope with your debt commitments any longer. Contact DCGsa today for a free assessment of your specific situation. You’re in no way destined to struggle with debt for the rest of your life. Help is only a click away.

The company’s professional approach to money woes will immediately set you at ease, and your counsellor will keep you in the loop throughout the process.

An added surety is the fact that all fees are regulated by the National Credit Regulator. If you have received a Section 129 letter, your next logical step will be to contact DCGsa without delay. You should act before your creditors commence legal action. The company can even assist those who have already received judgments against them with a plan to decrease their total debt repayments’ monthly instalments.

Get a clearer picture of your financial challenges

The budget calculator on the DCGsa website is a great tool to view your current financial position. You can also get a free credit report to enable you to make an informed decision about your financial future. A visit to their website might just change your life.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2022

I was being consumed by debt and I did not know what to do. A search of the internet brought me to DCGsa and I decided to apply for debt counselling. It was the best decision I ever made.

Sophia N
— Cape Town —

October 2022

When I realised that my debt was becoming overbearing, I started asking around for recommendations. A friend informed me of the excellent service he received with debt counselling from DCGsa.

Thabo N
— Port Alfred —

August 2022

I would like to take the opportunity to extend a huge thank you to the friendly and experienced consultant at DCGsa. She helped me through every step of the debt counselling process.

Sandra V
— Alberton —

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