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About Debt Guard

Debt Guard offers clients throughout South Africa, relief from stressful debt problems and they aim to get you back on the path of affording life!

Debt takes over your life in stages, and before you can stop it, it’s at the point where you are not able to afford all the debt you've accumulated. Credit is used to pay for your daily living and you take out more loans to cover that credit, and so the circle continues. You're not alone.

You don't need to stress over debt

They have a solution - They assist thousands of clients in the country with their debt relief programmes and have had overwhelming success with their debt-free client outcomes.

Take back control of your financial situation

Live debt-free, and afford the things in life you've always wanted. Get rid of legal letters and the risk of losing your assets. They have a customised solution that'll help you start living your life stress-free, without the hassles of not being able to pay your debts.

Start a debt-free life

Their solutions are highly effective, and you're unable to make more debt or use credit under their services. This will stop your debt in its tracks, and you'll be able to pay off the credit cards and loans under one smaller instalment each month. They have the answer to your problems, and all it takes is one phone call to their debt counsellors.

Debt Guard Services

They offer a permanent solution to your debt problems. By no means are they offering another cash loan or a quick fix to rid you of your debt?

Valuable debt solutions are here to help clients throughout South Africa get out of debt. When you decide to make the choice, to get out of debt, you'll sign a contract, allowing them to take legal action on your behalf and provide you with a customised solution that's affordable to you.

Debt solutions

Being over-indebted is when you have so much debt to pay each month that you can’t even afford your monthly premiums. When your situation gets to this point, their solution is your only hope if you don’t want to start losing your assets.

Protect your assets and become debt-free

Whilst dealing with Debt Guard, you'll immediately start feeling the relief of debt weighing you down. They'll negotiate lower terms with your creditors, giving you a consolidated amount to pay each month. This will be a reduced amount than what you're paying for debt currently.

The funds will be paid directly to your creditors through the NCR, allowing you the freedom to afford and live life to the fullest.

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Benefits of Debt Guard

  • Professional debt counselling services
  • Debt restructuring 

Debt Guard protects you from debt harassment

Get the peace of mind that you're legally protected and start living debt-free.

Make the choice now and contact them for an assessment.

Debt Guard protects you from having too much debt

They'll help you to rid of your debts for good. Their convenient methods work in line with the National Credit Act and the Regulations Board, to ensure you get a solution that reduces your monthly instalments on your accounts, to afford the repayments.

Who can apply?

To qualify for their services, they'll need to evaluate your debt situation, to see if you are over-indebted. Being over-indebted means that you currently have too much debt on your plate and you're struggling to make your monthly payments.

If you fit this profile, they're able to assist you with the next steps, by getting all your personal details, and a list of all your creditors and your outstanding balances. They'll contact you to discuss your employment, banking and personal details to add to their database.

Supporting documents may be needed for this step. Next, they'll contact all your creditors to try and negotiate a new reduced instalment, to ensure that they can create and agree on a lesser instalment that you'll pay each month.

They'll assist you throughout the entire process

Once the creditors have been contacted and agreed to new terms on your debt, they'll put together a proposal for you leaving you with one reduced monthly instalment regarding your consolidated debt.

This will be the only payment you'll make each month, and they'll ensure all your creditors are paid on time. You need to be aware that from this point on you'll not be able to make any further debt and not be able to buy on credit until all your creditors have been paid in full.

A method that works!

This is a proven and successful method for reducing and paying off your debts and staying out of debt for good. You can also increase your payment amounts when you can afford to, which will allow your debt payments to be paid off sooner. Contact them today, and start changing your life now.

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April 2019

One of the characteristics the Debt Guard’s agents have is ensuring that you are happy with your credit offer as the customer.

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