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About LegalWise

Legal Wise is a credit provider that has been helping customers for a number of years with debt counselling. It has become evident that clients are battling to pay all their loans at once.

As a result of that, they fall behind on their financial obligations such as personal loans and other credit plans.

An impressive service record

It becomes increasingly difficult for a customer who has a number of debts to settle. The more they become; the harder it is to pay everything at once.

Preferred debt counselling provider

A number of people prefer our services because we have proven time and time again that we have their best interests at heart.

LegalWise is a step in the right direction

The National Credit Act implemented debt counselling as a financial remedy to seemingly financially struggling customers. Ever since this innovation has started, drastic changes have come into being.

LegalWise Services

LegalWise doesn’t hinder anybody from having loans and debts. The only problem is when you start missing payments due to having other obligations to account for.

What is a debt review?

Debt review is when you feel you can no longer afford all the loans you are paying for. As a result of that, you ask for debt consolidation. This is an amalgamated credit process where financial providers combine all your loans and make them one big debt. In order to qualify, you need to be a South African citizen, get a salary on a monthly or weekly basis, be a pensioner or a certified spouse.

How does the process work?

There is a systematic process that has to be followed. For starters, we will first have to check your finances to see if you qualify for debt consolidation. Secondly, the debt counselor will clarify after assessing your financial situation if you are struggling to pay your loans or you simply unable to prioritize payments and expenses. If there is a reason to believe that you can’t pay your debts, you will get a new credit plan that will have to be adhered to. The debt review will make your creditors know of the new guidelines set.

LegalWise – Debt review

  • Loan Type Debt review

Benefits of LegalWise

  • Legal benefits
  • Membership benefits
  • Reduced expenses

Let Legal Wise works hard for you to get your budget back on track!

One of the reasons we have a debt-counselling service is because we have appointed effective and knowledgeable people who know how to perform debt counselling services efficiently.

What happens from now?

An investigation will have to be conducted where we will inform you if you qualify for debt counselling. We have to do our own analysis to be certain that you qualify.

We are here to help you

There is absolutely nobody who would stand up tall and be proud of falling on settling their accounts. Every client yearns of the day where you will be clearing your credit record. In the end, it is everybody’s wish to start from scratch.

Why is LegalWise the best?

We all have loans that are quite displeasing. The only reason you have to ensure payment is that you have to be financially accountable for your payments so that your credit profile doesn’t turn sour again. In essence, you have to prioritize paying off debts so that they don’t pile up and make everything seem like a heavy financial burden.

There is nothing wrong with cutting down costs especially when you feel like you can no longer afford to pay personal loans and other debts. It is better to be financially safe than sorry. LegalWise will help you get there as long as you too will do whatever it takes to never be in the same position you have fought so hard to be freed from.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

What can I say but great service and I can sleep better with the help and the advice I was given.

Mike S
— Port Elizabeth —

December 2017

What can I say but great service and I can sleep better with the help and the advice I was given.

Claire S
— Port Elizabeth —

April 2019

Great service couldn’t be happier and more fortunate to have a great team and advice.

Kyle M
— Cape Town —

LegalWise Contact

Physical Address

  • Office 1 Thibault Square Western Cape Cape Town 8001 South Africa
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Postal Address

  • P.O. Box 6144, , Weltevredenpark, 1715

Opening Hours

  • Monday 09:00 – 16:30
  • Tuesday 09:00 – 16:30
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