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About Debt Counselling SA

It is common to feel overwhelmed with your loans until you can no longer afford your debts. After this, you have to consider financial counselling.

South Africans have been assisted by Counselling SA for a number of years. It is our dream to see our customers being relieved from all kinds of debts.

Let Debt Counselling SA help you

Our job is simple; we assist in giving you better payment plans that will help you pay your personal loans better and more efficient. It has come to the attention of the National Credit Act that the credit market was no longer being respected. It took great enforcement to establish disciplined spending and credit lending.

Allow us to show you the bigger picture

It might have seemed like a good and sensible idea. However, when you think about the mess that you are in now financial speaking, quick cash loans are the last thing on your mind since they are the reason you are where you are in the first place. Debt counselling is the best way to beat this ordeal.

Debt Counselling SA Services

South Africans are always shocked to realize that they are not the only person faced with money problems.

The best solution is to decide on a consolidated debt system that will combine all your debts and make them one big payment. This payment is lesser than all your mutual debts which means you will end up saving money.

How the problem unfolds

It usually starts unexpectedly when you take out another loan to cover your existing financial obligations. Each month, you are battling to stay afloat because nothing seems financially intact anymore. At this point in time, we advise our clients to do debt counselling.

Take charge of your finances

If you are really serious about starting afresh, you can a consolidation loan application. We will assess your financial situation and rate the severity of the problem. Everything is documented and you have legal professionals who will ensure everything is done according to the procedure and protocol. We will also take it upon ourselves to inform your creditors that you are under debt counselling and that new payment structures have to be implemented.

What the debt review process will cost you

When you apply for debt review and your debt counsellor finds that you do not qualify for the process, they do a budget rework for you at R300.

Should your counsellor find that you do qualify for debt review, there will be a once-off fee that usually equals the restructured amount you’re paying on your debt. This means that if your new instalment is R2,500, your fee will be R2,500. The cap for a single person is set at R8,000 and the cap for a couple is R9,000.

While you’re repaying your debt, 5% of your monthly instalment will be paid to the debt counsellor. This amount is capped at R450.

Debt Counselling SA – Debt review

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Benefits of Debt Counselling SA

  • Consolidate your debt into one easy payment
  • Expert debt counsellors

Debt relief is in your reach with Debt Counselling SA!

One of the reasons we advise our customers to make use of our debt counselling services is to start everything from scratch.

There is nothing wrong with turning on a new financial leaf especially if you can’t do anything about your personal loans that seem difficult to be settled. The monthly instalments will be less than the original amount you were previously paying on a monthly basis.

How do you qualify?

Our agents will have to be furnished with all your supporting documents and we will inform you if you actually qualify for debt counselling or are you simply unable to prioritize your debts properly.

What happens from here?

Our agents are professionals who deal with such issues on a daily basis. Therefore, they will know how to handle your financial situation whether it was derived from a payday loan or bad credit loans. A debt counsellor is introduced when you can no longer afford to pay the debts you took. We negotiate a lesser amount than you can afford on a monthly basis.

What is the end product?

The outcome at the end is the fact that you will no longer be listed as a blacklisted credit payer. The customer will be declared debt-free and granted the opportunity to start everything on a clean page

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

December 2018

They have helped me understand my budget and helped me to get my debt in order for me to pay it off quicker and help me build my credit score.

John S
— Pretoria —

October 2018

The advice that I received about my debt has helped me in many ways.

Henry J
— Cape town —

October 2018

Great service and assistance when I needed it most my stress levels have gone down and thank you to them I can Sleep better knowing my debt willed be paid off.

Shelby S
— Johannesburg —

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