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About Debt Fresh

Debt Fresh is a registered financial services provider that has been trusted by thousands of customers for debt counseling in South Africa over the last 10 years.

It is the normal way for many customers to try and force settling loans when it has become financially difficult to keep up with payments. Debt review can help to get back on track.

Use a trusted debt counseling company

There is nothing wrong with taking out credit plans when you can afford to pay for them. The problem is when you start falling behind on your credit repayments and are taking out a new type of loan to cover your current repayments.

With this way of handling your debt you are taking on more loans than you can afford. Debt Fresh can give you debt counseling and help you to become debt-free.

Rescue your financial life

Debt Fresh wants to help clients with debt counseling and assist them to be able to live a life without the constant stress of worrying about how to handle their money problems. So, no more hiding from creditors, or threatening phone calls.

Debt Fresh Services

Debt counseling is the right way to handle your finances when you have become over-indebted.

Debt Fresh will take control of all your loans and financial obligations, ensuring that they make payments to every one of your outstanding loans. There is no point in settling some loans and leaving other financial obligations unpaid. With them, you can consolidate all your debt and get one more manageable monthly repayment.

Get started with debt review

Debt Fresh has a useful installment calculator on their website where you can fill in your different loans including personal loans, car loans, credit cards, store cards, and home loans. Get an estimated repayment amount when you use their debt counseling service. This will show you what all your current monthly repayments combined will cost you and the amount you can expect to save each month.

Debt Fresh practices responsible lending

If you decide to apply for debt counseling, you acknowledge that you need assistance when it comes to paying your loans. This is an effective way to manage your debt and Debt Fresh can assist you by following The National Credit Act with a responsible debt review loan.

Debt Fresh – Debt review

  • Loan Type Debt review

Benefits of Debt Fresh

  • Get one affordable monthly repayment
  • Lower interest rates
  • Safeguard your assets

Get the Debt Fresh solution to financial freedom today

Debt Fresh will require that you give your full cooperation with all your financials and the needed information to fully access your debt counseling application.

All client’s financial situations are different, they will find the best debt review solution that fits the specific client’s needs.

Complete the debt counseling assessment

  • Personal details in full.
  • Marriage Certificate.
  • The financial situation you are in.
  • Your monthly income with salary documentation.
  • All your loan and card information is stipulated.

Debt Fresh can take a day to go through your debt review application. This is on the provision that you have furnished them with all the relevant documents.

Get Debt Fresh debt counseling solutions

An investigation has to be conducted in order to determine that you qualify for debt counseling. Only after this analysis has been done will you be placed under debt review, if the findings they have recorded find that you are fit and above the financial limit.

Debt Fresh has to thoroughly go through the information that you have submitted. They will ensure that they come up with a lower repayment plan that you can afford and have to pay for every single month until all your debt has been settled.

Benefits from debt counseling

  • More manageable monthly repayments.
  • All your debt is consolidated in one debt review
  • Learning financial discipline.
  • Spend your hard-earned money wiser.
  • A dedicated debt review counselor to assist you personally.
  • Become debt-free.

Debt Fresh your partner 

  • They will communicate with all your creditors.
  • Agree on the terms and conditions with creditors for your debt on your behalf.
  • Specified amount to be deducted from your bank account on the agreed date
  • No more phone calls from creditors.
  • Apply for credit without judgments on your name in the future.

If you want to change your financial ways, contact Debt Fresh and commit to becoming financially free.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

December 2021

My life was terrible, always trying to avoid answering the phone because it could be someone looking for money. Debt Fresh came to the rescue and helped me to pay my debt.

Johanna M
— Centurion —

April 2021

Debt counseling put me back on track and today was my final payment, it feels good to become debt-free.

Karel V
— Witbank —

December 2021

I thought if you got to be put under debt review you would get a bad name and won't be able to get any credit again, Debt Fresh taught me how to manage my money better and become creditworthy.

Tommy A
— Nelspruit —

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  • 91 Mangold St, Newton Park Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape 6055 South Africa
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Opening Hours

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  • Thursday 08:00 – 16:30
  • Friday 08:00 – 16:30
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