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About Meerkat

Meerkat was established in 2016. Founder David O’Brien has spent more than two decades in the insurance industry.

According to recent studies, most households in South Africa only have a quarter of their income left over for essentials at the end of each month, after having paid their monthly obligations. Meerkat wants to turn the tide by helping people like you regain control over your finances.

As a qualified actuary, O’Brien became increasingly concerned about the restricted choices South Africans have when it comes to financial services.

His objective with Meerkat is to offer ordinary citizens a helping hand by partnering with them in their financial wellness journey. The Meerkat team is passionate about debt reduction and enabling clients to prepare for financial emergencies.

 A team that feels like family

The Meerkat moguls regard you as family. They’re guided by integrity and unwavering moral principles and put you first in everything they do. They talk in a language you can understand, and keep you informed and involved at all times.

Saving for a better future with Meerkat

You can choose from a range of simple financial solutions that are designed around your unique needs. These cost-effective products’ main purpose is to enable you to save to the point where you’re prepared for any financial emergency. These solutions have been specifically designed to simplify the management of your finances.

If you can create a positive savings balance, you’ll eliminate the need to burden your bank balance with extra debt. Less debt means more money in your pocket. You can finally invest in your own well-being and realize your dreams.

Meet the chief of Meerkat

It’s now time to introduce you to Moku, the chief Meerkat and your friend in all things finance. His enthusiasm is contagious and he’s got your back.

He too loves his family and is their ferocious protector. Moku has mastered the art of financial management through trial and error. He knows all the pitfalls, and he is ready to lighten your load.

Now you can enjoy the same protection when it comes to money matters. Moku is a people person, and he has his eyes firmly set on the future. He is ready to show you how to make informed financial choices that’ll leave more cash in your pocket every month.

He also takes his family’s education seriously and they always pass their newly acquired knowledge on to you, the client.  When you join the Meerkat family, you’ll immediately feel at home.

Meerkat Services

When it comes to matters of finance, Meerkat knows that managing your money is a challenging affair.

They’ve designed a service package that takes the sting out of financial challenges and gets you firmly back on the road to financial health.

Money matters made easy

Top of their list of services is their debt review program with its main objective of making your finances easier to manage. If you spend the best half of your monthly income on debt repayments, you know how quickly your finances can get out of control. Regaining that control is extremely difficult. You need to take decisive action.

If you have very little money left for other expenses it is easy to fall into a trap of creating more debt to manage your current debt. When you feel there’s no way out, Meerkat’s ready to come to your rescue. Their debt review service offers you a hassle-free way to regain control of your finances.

Entering the protective cocoon of debt review

They take ownership of your debt, protecting you against losing your assets. You also don’t need to engage with those threatening phone calls, summonses, or judgments, as they act on your behalf. When you submit to the debt review process, your credit profile is flagged until you’ve fully adhered to your debt consolidation loan terms.

What’s the objective of debt review?

The aim of debt review is to restructure all your repayments into a single, cheaper monthly amount. The process comprises extending the terms of your credit loans and lowering interest rates.

When you consolidate your debt, you’ll only have one large loan to repay each month. This loan will repay a number of your debts simultaneously until you have cleared all those outstanding accounts.

Although it might feel like your world’s crumbling if you go into debt review, it’s the surest and most cost-effective and sustainable way to clear your credit profile. A great added feature to protect you in the case of retrenchment is the Meerkat Salary Protection Plan which takes care of your debt loan repayments when you can’t.

What to expect when undergoing debt review

  • A personalised plan to suit your budget and allow you to live stress-free
  • The utmost confidentiality at all times
  • Full legal protection by industry experts and attorneys
  • The best advice to help you make informed decisions
  • Meerkat also offers saving plan options that put you in control of your finances.
  • A great added feature to protect you in the case of retrenchment is their salary protection plan that takes care of your debt loan repayments when you can’t.

Meerkat – Debt review

  • Loan Type Debt review

Benefits of Meerkat

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Debt Review Programmes
  • Affordable Debt Solutions

Expect quick, reliable action to get the debt review process underway

Complete the easy-to-use online form on their website and a Meerkat representative will get in touch. You can expect a speedy response.

You’ll know it’s time to contact them if the following applies to you:

  • You’re thinking of taking on more credit to pay your current debt
  • You’re living on your credit card
  • Your heart stops every time your phone rings
  • You battle to sleep at night

Simple steps to ease the burden of debt

Contrary to general belief, the debt review process is easy and only comprises a few easy steps.

  1. Your debt counsellor will assess your financial status by evaluating your unique debt profile. Once your income versus debt ratio has been determined, your counsellor will deem you over-indebted and the process will commence.
  2. The next step is completing the required paperwork to formalise the process.
  3. They’ll contact your creditors to establish exactly how much money you owe them.
  4. All processes are guided by NCR regulations and the latter will inform your creditors of your application for review.
  5. Your counsellor will then negotiate acceptable repayment terms with your creditors.
  6. Their feedback will determine your debt repayment plan.
  7. Upon agreement to the new plan, a consent order will confirm the collective understanding between your counsellor and your creditors on the terms of your debt review plan.
  8. You’ll only have to make a single monthly payment to a Payment Distribution Agency.
  9. They’ll task a registered Payment Distribution Agency with distributing payments to your creditors.
  10. Once you’ve paid your debt off according to the agreed terms, you’ll receive a clearance certificate. The credit bureau will then remove the red flag from your profile.

Change is in the air and within your grasp. If you’re ready to improve your financial health, join the Meerkat Debt Management Programme now and get back on the road to financial recovery

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

November 2022

I was overwhelmed by debt and didn’t know where to turn. I contacted Meerkat and they told me that I qualified to apply for debt review. I am now paying only one monthly payment and am finally ab...

Fatimah A
— Durban —

June 2022

I recommend Meerkat to anyone who is struggling with debt like I was. If you’re serious about turning things around, debt review is the best way to do it.

Ali F
— Johannesburg —

September 2022

Thank you to the Meerkat team for helping me through such a difficult time and guiding me every step of the way. I never considered debt counselling before but it has changed my life for the bett...

Jonathan T
— Cape Town —

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