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  • Debt review up to R100,000
  • Reliable debt counselling
  • Repayment up to 60 months

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About DebtMap

DebtMap is your go-to company that can help with debt counseling in South Africa.

A dedicated company that offers the best debt possible solution for all their clients. They have helped thousands of South Africans since they started in 2013 with debt review problems. They understand there is no one perfect solution that fits everyone, this is where Debt Map helps each client to find the best solution that fits their situation.

A trusted debt counseling provider

DebtMap believes in providing reliable debt counseling services to those going through a time of financial hardship. They have professional consultants that can provide meaningful information and work personally with the client to craft a debt solution that suits their financial needs.

Great Debt counselling in South Africa

The company believes that to assist people towards financial education, they need to provide reliable, trustworthy services to its clients.

They follow and obey the National Credit Act guidelines and they make sure that all counselors are adequately qualified.

DebtMap company's vision

DebtMap is striving to be a leading financial services source in the fields of debt review and legal advice across South Africa. They made it their goal to provide hassle-free, low-cost financial advise and aid that can assist with the financial needs of South Africans in debt.

Their values include

  • Honour & sincerity
  • Quality & conscientiousness
  • Liability & privacy

DebtMap Services

Debt counseling is the legal and necessary debt relief measure provided for debt review clients by the National Credit Act.

The process is available to all consumers who have been long-suffering from debt and would like to benefit from advice. Your debt review counselor can negotiate on your behalf with credit providers for a reduced payment option and restructuring of your debt.

Debt review will offer you relief

Debt review counselors will take over communication with your credit providers to renegotiate terms. This means that you don’t have to handle any more annoying phone calls from debt collectors or credit providers.

No legal action can be taken against clients that have chosen to be under debt review as their assigned counselor will now control their finances.

Take control of your finances

When you are receiving debt counseling then you will get to pay reduced installments and less interest on your outstanding debt. You can now start working on your path to financial freedom because there is less risk of missing a payment with your new easier to manage one payment agreement per month. Debt review assists clients with breaking their debt cycle by restructuring their payments towards their various credit providers.

DebtMap`s Consolidation calculator

DebtMap has a useful consolidation calculator easily accessible on their website. The calculator can give you an estimated report on what your repayment amounts and payback term can be.

DebtMap – Debt review

  • Loan Type Debt review
  • Loan Amount up to R100,000
  • Repayment 12 months to 60 months

Benefits of DebtMap

  • Debt solutions for blacklisted clients
  • Restructured debt repayments
  • Affordable debt consolidation loans

Debt Map has affordable debt solutions

DebtMap will assign a qualified and registered debt counselor that will assess your finances and then determine your debt situation.

When you qualify for debt counseling, they will ask you to sign over power of attorney to DebtMap, then they will send out instructions to all your credit providers involved and handle your finances from thereon.

DebtMap can assist the following clients

  • Struggle with debt repayments.
  • Monthly income to make repayments.
  • Clients that are seeking debt counseling.

When you are in this category you can apply for debt counselling

Affordable debt counselling solutions

DebtMap follows the prescribed repayment period of 5 years as required by national credit guidelines, but clients can choose to finish repayments early.

  • Clients will remain under debt counseling until their DebtMap counselor issues a clearance certificate that states that the client paid their debt in full.
  • Debt that includes all unsecured and short-term loans such as personal loans, retail accounts, and credit cards.
  • Clients who have bond payments need to make sure all unsecured debt and bond payments are up to date.

Benefits of using debt counseling.

  • Registered debt counseling professionals will conduct all services.
  • Debt review processes align with the National Credit Act.
  • Clients are legally protected while under debt counseling.
  • Credit providers cannot threaten to take away the assets of the client when under debt counseling.
  • Debt counseling won't cause you to become blacklisted.
  • Debt Map gives notice to the credit bureau that clients are placed under debt counseling.
  • As soon as your clearance certificate is issued, it indicates you paid your debt and the credit bureaus will update their score and remove the notice from your profile.

Manage your financial life better and become debt-free with assistance from Debt Map.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2021

This was the right choice to make and now I can afford my debt repayments with just one monthly repayment.

Gina C
— Krugersdorp —

October 2021

I was told that getting debt review help will be difficult, Debt Map made it easy to apply for the needed help.

Thomas N
— Harrismith —

September 2021

My knight mares are over with no more threatening phone calls, a good choice to be under debt counseling from Dept Map. teenkamp from

Charles S
— East London —

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