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About DebtCare

Speak to DebtCare about debt review today and work towards a debt-free future.

They have helped more than 15 000 people get rid of their debt and become financially free since 2008. DebtCare has become one of South Africa's favorite debt solution companies. There is no doubt that with debt review from DebtCare you can gain control over your finances again. You can be living a financially stress-free life sooner than you think.

DebtCare offers you debt review that is easy

If you want to become debt-free and remain debt-free, then DebtCare is your partner in the business. They have the easiest and most simple 5-step plan of getting you back your financial freedom. DebtCare treats you like family and they stay with you from beginning to end. Debt review is what DebtCare does best.

Debt review can help you with DebtCare

When you are drowning in debt and there seems to be no way out, DebtCare can make life easier with their debt review solutions. With debt review, things get way easier and before you know it, life gets back on track. Going into debt review with DebtCare means no more threatening phone calls from creditors.

Apply for debt review today

Financial stress can cause many other problems. When people start to drown in debt things go wrong quickly. With debt review from DebtCare, you can focus on what is important while they deal with the financial part. They will negotiate with your creditors for reduced monthly payments.

DebtCare Services

More than 15 000 people have been helped by DebtCare.

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, they are proud to say that 95% of their clients end up debt-free. The debt review results that DebtCare shows is that after only 36 - 60 months, their clients are debt-free. These are great results and choosing them from financial freedom is a good choice.

Bad credit`s influence on employability

Very few people know that these day's employers do a credit check on possible employees. Having a bad credit record is often an indication of not being able to handle certain aspects of work.

Getting help before your credit record is affected is a good idea. Debt review helps you manage your finances better and DebtCare wants to help you regain control of your money.

DebtCare lowers your monthly installments

The consultants at DebtCare are qualified and certified to manage your money better by reducing your interest rates and extending payment plans.

By doing this they effectively restructure all your current debt, making it more manageable. You are not able to make these arrangements yourself. Going into debt review is an effective and safe way to gain control.

The bottom line about Debt Review

The bottom line is that we all need help from time to time. Anything can happen and situations can change.

Choosing to get help in the form of debt review is a tried and trusted way of getting back on track. Having the surety that your assets are safe makes the stress less. Make the right choice before you start to drown in debt.

DebtCare – Debt review

  • Loan Type Debt review

Benefits of DebtCare

  • A reduced monthly payment
  • Less stress about creditors
  • Negotiations on your behalf

DebtCare’s quick and easy application process

On the DebtCare website, you will see a contact form that you can complete.

Make sure you fill in the right phone number as a consultant will typically call you back within an hour.

How it will work

Step one

Your debt status will need to be assessed before you can be placed under debt review. For DebtCare to do this, they will ask a few things from you. You can choose to give this information online or by downloading the form from the link on their website.    

Step two

Once your debt review application is approved, DebtCare will request a copy of your South African ID document as well as a copy of your payslip.

Step three

This step requires you to open a new bank account. Please instruct your employer to pay your salary into the new account in the future. You will be asked to provide DebtCare with your new banking details.

Step four

Your expert debt review consultant at DebtCare will now restructure your debt into a single, affordable monthly payment.

They will inform your creditors that you are their client and that you should not be harassed any further. You can now pay your new adjusted monthly amount and enjoy protection from your creditors.  

Get out of debt in no time

There is no need to get yourself into a mountain of debt with no clear way out. With DebtCare there is always an answer. Taking the steps to protect yourself starts today by applying for debt review from DebtCare. Get a team in your corner that knows the business and will fight for you. 

Benefits of applying for debt review

  • No need to stress anymore when payday arrives.
  • Creditors will no longer harass you.
  • Your assets are protected from repossession.
  • You will have a personal debt counselor.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2021

I was starting to drown in all my debt and did not have an idea how to rescue the situation. My mother told me about DebtCare and I decided to apply and see if they could help. In no time I was p...

Caroline B
— Cape Town —

October 2021

I did not know where to turn to with my debt problems. I was starting to near the stage of repossession of my assets when I found out about DebtCare. They were friendly and helpful and I was on m...

Yolani S
— Bloemfontein —

March 2021

Being placed under debt review was probably the best decision I could have made. My debt counsellor at DebtCare explained the whole process to me and they were with me every step of the way.

Shaun A
— Mosselbay —

DebtCare Contact

Physical Address

  • Tijger Park 3, Tijger Park Service Road, Bellville Cape Town 7530 South Africa
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Opening Hours

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