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About Credit Rescue

Cape Town-based debt counselling company, Credit Rescue was established over 20 years ago.

They offer reliable, and affordable debt remedies designed to be long-term solutions. As the number one debt management company in South Africa, they’re motivated to help you achieve a debt-free life.

An award-winning company

Credit Rescue has consistently won the award for being a leading innovator. Emphasising years of unrivalled service and consideration for their fellow South Africans, they’re in a league of their own.

A homegrown company dedicated to assisting  South Africans, they can help with debt review and debt review removal, as well as debt mediation. Credit Rescue will work with you until you’re free of debt.

Who chooses Credit Rescue?

They deal with every type of debt and help all types of people. Credit Rescue is professional and experienced. They’ll listen to you and help and guide you through the process. Credit Rescue is a first-choice South African company for debt solutions. They've helped over 15,000 South Africans live debt-free.

Many people have become over-indebted and cannot manage to pay their debts, hence a great need for debt solutions. Credit Rescue will coach you and rehabilitate your finances so that you become credit-worthy once again.

Credit Rescue's mission to serve

To be the prefered service provider for debt rehabilitation solutions. Credit Rescue plans to extend its services to all in South Africa who might need it.

Credit Rescue is compliant with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). The aim of the NCR is to regulate fair access to credit and encourage responsible lending, and the use of credit and afford practical remedies when people become overindebted.

Benefits of debt review:

  • You can get a court order to protect your assets, like your house or car
  • You can save more
  • Take control of your financial well-being
  • In case your financial situation improves, the process can be terminated

Credit Rescue Services

With Credit Rescue, there are no upfront fees and all accounts are protected once a court order is granted.

Your interest rates are renegotiated. And importantly, no more upsetting phone calls.

Why choose Credit Rescue?

  • Professional debt review
  • Guaranteed efficient, exceptional service
  • Credit Rescue can help by reducing instalments by up to 50% without any more loans
  • Support within the hour
  • All payment systems are secure, enabling you to have a seamless and confidential experience
  • Services are widespread, with more than 100 offices in the country
  • Services are tailored to give you the best debt solution and there is no limit to your debt amount
  • Credit Rescue is available to help you. They'll support you throughout the process
  • They will be liaising with your creditors so you won't receive harassing calls or threats

What you can expect:

An outstanding service, with things being done correctly and you’ll be updated, a real comfort during trying times.

They ensure as many people as possible remain free of debt. Thousands have become credit-worthy, and saved from the debt trap, because of Credit Rescue's intervention.

Did you know?

Debt review is a process that assists clients who struggle to pay their debts. A debt counsellor will deal with your creditors and make arrangements to pay on your behalf, reducing monthly payments to an affordable monthly sum.

This is to help consumers who are overextended financially, or who will be if they don't get help. Included is a court order protecting assets (house/bond, vehicle or furniture).

What is a PDA?

This is a term you’ll hear when you undergo debt review. Debt payments are made to a Payment Distribution Agent or PDA. In line with the National Credit Act, debt counsellors have to appoint a registered PDA to disperse their client’s payments to their credit providers.

Credit Rescue – Debt review

  • Loan Type Debt review

Benefits of Credit Rescue

  • Instant debt relief
  • Reduced monthly repayments
  • Protection against legal action
  • Better interest rates on current loans

Step-by-step guide to applying for debt review with Credit Rescue

  • Apply online, call, Whatsapp or write an email.
  • Ask for a free consultation. A friendly, professional consultant will call you back and give you a free, confidential financial assessment to find out if you qualify.
  • Fill in your application form. If you qualify the consultant will send you an application to sign and send back.

What happens next:

  • Inform your creditors. Once Credit Rescue receives your application they immediately inform your creditors that you’ve applied for debt relief and are protected under the National Credit Act.
  • Work out a new payment plan. They’ll ask for confirmation of your loan agreement from your creditors and negotiate and restructure payments to an affordable amount.
  • Only pay a single, manageable amount. You can pay an easy monthly instalment with your restructured payment plan.
  • Making the approved plan a court order. Credit Rescue's team of lawyers will apply to the Magistrate's Court for you to make the new plan an order of the court, binding your credit providers to this agreement.
  • The debt review process will be legally binding on you and your husband or wife if married in the Community of Property (COP).
  • All your accounts have to be included in the debt review process.
  • All debt is paid off. Once the debt is paid off Credit Rescue will apply for a clearance certificate and inform the credit bureaus that your credit record must be cleared.

How long will the debt review process take

It depends on several factors, like your debt and what you can afford to pay. It usually takes about 36 to 60 months or 3 to 5 years to become debt free and acquire your clearance certificate.

Credit Rescue is compassionate and caring with its customers, helping them through difficult times in their lives with professionalism and understanding. They also fulfil a vital role in today’s economy. So take heart, it’s never too late to turn things around, get free of debt and live the life you deserve.

Where can I find them?

Credit Rescue is a national company with over 80 offices throughout South Africa. They have offices in all provinces, namely the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, North West, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Kwazulu Natal and Gauteng.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2022

I realised that I was going under and needed help to get back control of my finances. Debt Rescue has helped me to manage my money better with their debt review and I am glad I chose them.

Gloria P
— Grahamstown —

February 2022

After filing for debt review with Debt Rescue I managed to get my finances under control in the past few months. Their dedicated and friendly team has been so much help and supported me all the w...

Emily V
— Port Alfred —

April 2022

A friend told me about the help they received from Debt Rescue and I decided to file for debt review. I have not looked back since then and I can finally afford the simple things in life.

Shane G
— Cape Town —

Credit Rescue Contact

Physical Address

  • 1st Floor, Naspers Centre, 40 Heerengracht St Cape Town Western Cape 8001 South Africa
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Postal Address

  • PO Box 18804, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7824, South Africa

Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:30 – 17:00
  • Tuesday 08:30 – 17:00
  • Wednesday 08:30 – 17:00
  • Thursday 08:30 – 17:00
  • Friday 08:30 – 16:00
  • Saturday 08:30 – 13:30
  • Sunday – Closed