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About Debt Review Centre

We’re a debt counselling service provider accredited with the NCR and a member of the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa (DCASA).

We’re proud of the fact that since our inception all our clients have had flawless results and we intend to continue delivering the same exceptional results for many years to come.

How Debt Review Centre will help

They’ll then become your go-to person, they’ll look at your debts, your income and then work out a plan that will work for both you and your creditors.

Our unique approach

  • We realise that dealing with debt can be stressful.
  • We make sure every member of our staff is professionally trained on how to deal with sensitive situations.
  • Your privacy is respected at all times, throughout this process.
  • Our goal is to help you become debt-free by delivering reliable debt counselling services to all South Africans.

Debt Review Centre Services

Debt review is the process of handing over your debt negotiations to a debt counsellor.

Your debt counsellor works and negotiates on your behalf while protecting you from asset repossession, legal action, and creditor harassment.

How can debt review benefit you?

  • A reduced monthly instalment for all your debts including personal loans and credit cards
  • Includes creditors and considers their rights
  • Includes interest rates where negotiated
  • We deal directly with your creditors
  • Creditors will no longer harass you for payment
  • Structural payment plan with exit goal
  • Have enough money for living expenses
  • No legal action will be taken
  • Reduced credit life insurance premiums

Applying for debt review

The online application process is simple. You fill in the online form and then send it through with the necessary documentation. A debt counsellor will then contact you and the debt review process will begin.

Debt Review Centre – Debt review

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Benefits of Debt Review Centre

  • Get a reduced monthly payment
  • Lower interest rates will be negotiated
  • Reduced credit life insurance premiums 

A closer look at the debt review process

Becoming debt-free isn’t as complicated as many people think it is.

The process is straightforward and easy to understand.

The process of applying for debt review:

  1. Consult a debt counsellor - before you can officially apply for debt review, we need to have a look at your current financial status. We’ll work out your income, your living expenses, and debt exposure. If the counsellor finds that you’re over-indebted then the process of debt review can begin.
  2. Assessment - When our debt counsellor has reviewed the basics, you’ll get a formal application (called a form-16), which gathers all your personal information such as income, expenses and who your creditors are.
  3. Creditors supply debt information - This process requires your creditors to issue your debt counsellor with a certificate of balance. We all know that it can be very difficult to speak to your creditors which is why we do it for you.
  4. Being listed - Once your debt counsellor has all the information from your creditors and confirms your outstanding balances, you’ll then be listed on the National Credit Bureaus NCR Debt database. You’ll receive a number from the NCR that confirms you’ve applied for debt review.
  5. Notification - All credit bureaus will directly be notified through the NCR. To make sure that you don’t accumulate any further credit while having applied for debt review.
  6. The next stage - Your financial situation will be assessed to confirm that you’re indeed over-indebted, once that is done your debt counsellor will draw up a payment plan for you. The repayment proposal will reflect a list of all your credit providers and all outstanding balances. The good news is that in certain cases the interest rates will be dropped all the way down to 1.0% on any unsecured debt. Just one of the many ways Debt Review can help you save.
  7. Negotiation - The negotiation process will then begin between the creditor and your debt counsellor. They will look at the payment plan that your debt counsellor put together and then come to an agreement. If for any reason creditors do not agree with the proposal, it goes to court and based on the repayment terms, the magistrate will then decide. Most of the time it is in the consumers' favour.
  8. Begin the repayment process - When everything is signed and agreed to you can start paying off your debt based on the proposal that was drawn up. The Payment Distribution Agent will receive your payment and then distribute it to the relevant creditors. This will be done until all your debt is settled. 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2020

Never realised how efficient they were until I needed them. Thank you for helping me get out of debt.

Henry G
— Gauteng —

June 2019

I was in debt for a year until I came across Debt Review, they really helped me put together a plan that worked for everyone.

Madison K
— Johannesburg —

November 2019

Debt Review has counsellors that know exactly what to do and are highly skilled to handle any task.

Lynn E
— Westdene —

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