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About National Debt Advisors

National Debt Advisors was established with one mission in mind, to do everything within its power to help you achieve financial freedom.

Your financial well-being is of utmost importance to them and they’re committed to equipping you with the tools needed to become debt-free.

An achievement to be proud of

In 2020, National Debt Advisors received was voted the best debt counselling service provider in South Africa.

This is a clear testament to the outstanding and devoted customer service that you’ll receive from them. They’re extremely proud of this achievement as this means they’ve assisted many households to shake off their debt burdens.

This award-winning debt solution company consists of a team of experts in the financial field. They know and understand the industry and they’re ready to assist you on your journey to a new, healthy, and well-managed financial future.

What is debt review?

In 2007, the National Credit Act in South Africa was amended and the concept of debt review was brought about. Many people were struggling to get by and more South Africans were becoming over-indebted.

The process of debt review involves the restructuring of debt. By taking your daily living expenses into account and negotiating a lesser instalment on your debt, you’re able to breathe financially and become debt free over time.

National Debt Advisors is accessible

National Debt Advisors is headquartered in Cape Town but this does not limit the area of customers they can serve. They’re able to assist you via email, phone call, or with an online application.

With the aim of freeing South Africans from debt, they’ve made it as easy as possible for you to find the help that you deserve.

National Debt Advisors Services

If you’ve found yourself struggling to get by with your monthly financial obligations and the weight of your debt is getting unbearable, National Debt Advisors can offer a solution.

They’re expertly equipped with staff members that have your financial well-being at heart.

National Debt Advisors is NCR registered

The first step to deciding to undergo debt review is to make sure that you use the services of a registered company.

National Debt Advisors is fully registered with the National Credit Regulator of South Africa.

You can rest assured that they’re 100% compliant with the NCA and can provide you with above-board advice and services.

The many advantages of filing for debt review

Filing for debt review from National Debt Advisors has many advantages that could benefit your situation.

Aside from helping you ultimately become debt-free, you could also enjoy many other benefits.

Benefits of turning to National Debt Advisors

  • Your appointed debt counsellor will negotiate for better debt instalments
  • You’ll be free from any harassing phone calls and future threats from your creditors
  • Your debt is paid off legally and your possessions are safe from repossession
  • Your monthly debt payments are reduced
  • Monthly living expenses are taken into account
  • Payments are negotiated according to affordability
  • Debt review lets you clear your credit record

National Debt Advisors – Debt review

  • Loan Type Debt review

Benefits of National Debt Advisors

  • Easily manage your debt
  • Reliable debt counsellors
  • Reduced payments

National Debt Advisors has an effective strategy to regain control over your finances

Planning ahead helps you manage your money better

Having the ability and the right tools to help you plan ahead is beneficial and crucial for a healthy financial future. National Debt Advisors knows that empowering you to make better decisions is the most important key in money management.

For this reason, they’ve put a budget planner on their website so you can calculate the best way forward. The planner is helpful and user-friendly.

You simply enter your income into the first section and click next. The second section requires you to list your monthly expenses. When you’re done, the planner will present you with a personal budget plan tailored to your needs.

National Debt Advisors – your key to financial health

When you decide to approach National Debt Advisors to file for debt review, there are a few documents you may need to have on hand for the assessment. The documents needed usually consist of:

  • South African ID document/Smart card
  • Proof of your income/Payslips
  • A complete list of all your current creditors
  • Your financial dependants
  • A signed list of your monthly living expenses

The debt review process in six easy steps

  1. You choose one of the three available methods to contact National Debt Advisors and wait for a friendly, expert consultant to contact you back.
  2. During your session, they’ll require you to send them all the necessary documentation to thoroughly assess your financial situation. This will indicate whether you qualify for debt review or not. If your debt counsellor finds that you qualify for debt review, the forms are completed.
  3. Your creditors will now be notified that you’re under debt review. No legal action can be taken against you for the next 60 days. This allows your counsellor to gather the certificates of balances on all your outstanding debt.
  4. With a clear indication of what you owe, your debt counsellor will now compile a list with reasonably restructured payments to be presented to your creditors. The restructured payments also take your monthly living expenses into account.
  5. The restructured payment plan is negotiated with your creditors. The negotiations include lowered instalments, reduced interest rates, and longer repayment terms. This frees more money for you to breathe financially.
  6. Once your restructured payment plan is accepted by your creditors, your debt counsellor will approach the court to get your payment plan declared an order. You can now rest assured that your possessions are safe from repossession.

The advantages you could enjoy with debt review

  • Lower monthly instalments
  • They’re an award-winning company
  • No more harassing phone calls
  • Enjoy protection for your assets
  • Improved monthly cash flow
  • Easy application

Choose financial freedom with National Debt Advisors

Many South Africans are being pulled down by the burden of debt. There’s no need to be ashamed if you too struggle to repay your debt. National Debt Advisors was established as a place of hope and support.

Let them assess your situation and help you to plan a sustainable way forward. Rectify your credit record the legal way and opt for debt review.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2021

Since I completed my debt review, I have had less stress and more financial control. You have taught me so much.

Daniel B
— Potchefstroom —

July 2021

It is a pleasure to work with this firm; they take the time to thoroughly explain everything, and they never fail to return my emails or return my phone calls. They've made everything so simple.

Eric B
— Delmas —

May 2021

I'd like to express my gratitude for the wonderful service and follow-up they provided. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me during this short but enjoyable adventure.

Jasmine K
— Durban —

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