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About Debt Rescue

Debt Rescue can assist you in your journey to a debt-free life.

Debt counseling led by experts

Experts in debt counseling, legal and accounting services as well as former top bankers are employed by Debt Rescue. Working with a knowledgeable debt counselor might result in a positive change in your life.

Debt Rescue's immaculate reputation is extremely important to them because they are one of the industry's most prominent players. Customer service and debt management assistance are their top priorities in South Africa.

Get debt counseling

They believe that the benefits of debt management and debt counseling must be made clear to all of their customers. Nine of the official languages of South Africa are spoken by their professional debt counselors. To make things easier, they offer debt management services in a variety of languages, including yours.

Debt Rescue will assist you

Having debt is not a sign of weakness or ignominy. There is a good chance that 46% of the individuals you know are struggling financially. However, they recognize that debt is a touchy subject for the majority of individuals.

Consequently, they treat every application with the utmost secrecy. If you use debt counseling to help you get out of debt, your job, coworkers, and friends will not know about it.

Debt Rescue will manage your creditors

It is easy for them to resolve issues and disagreements with Credit Providers because they have strong working ties with them. In addition, they can work with your creditors to reduce the amount of money you have to pay back. Because of their long-standing partnerships, they have a very high success rate when it comes to debt management in general.

Debt Rescue Services

Since the passage of the National Credit Act, debt counseling has become legally recognized as a means of assisting people like you who are drowning in debt.

They will aid you to devise a repayment schedule that is beneficial to both you and your creditors.

Debt Rescue focuses on your needs

Those who are battling with debt may be able to benefit from a variety of services offered by this organization. Budgeting assistance, as well as debt settlement with creditors and debt restructuring, are some of the services available.

Debt review aims to solve the national debt crisis

According to the most recent figures from the National Credit Report, about 11 million people have credit histories that are less than excellent. An estimated 80% of South Africans actively use credit cards, according to the World Bank. Since the implementation of the National Credit Act, Debt Rescue has assisted tens of thousands of people in reducing their debt and, in some cases, preserving their assets through debt consolidation.

Easily accessible debt counseling

One of their goals is to make debt counseling in South Africa accessible and reasonably priced. A face-to-face consultation can be scheduled, or the entire process can be carried out by phone and email, making it simple and convenient on your part to employ their services.

Let them lead you through the entire process of debt counseling. Regardless of where you live in South Africa, they are here to assist you.

Debt Rescue – Debt review

  • Loan Type Debt review

Benefits of Debt Rescue

  • Quick loan process
  • Reduced payments
  • Debt review

Debt counselling is an effective method to regain control over your finances

Debt review will relieve you of your financial burdens right away.

Within the first five days, they will come up with an inexpensive interim repayment strategy for you. A Payment Distribution Agency will receive a single monthly payment on your behalf in accordance with the provisional repayment plan (PDA). The money will be distributed appropriately by the PDA.

Steps to apply for debt review

  1. Don't forget to fill out their debt assessment form! Free and just takes a few minutes to complete. Fill out their online form to tell them about your current financial position.
  2. Your Rescue Plan will be assessed and set up by them. Whether or not your monthly spending and debts surpass your monthly income is determined by your Debt Counselor.
  3. Protected from creditors, you'll be placed under debt review. Your credit providers and credit bureaus will be informed that you are under debt review.
  4. You only have to pay one, low-interest repayment each month! They will work with your creditors to rework your payment schedule.
  5. The procedure is complete. Paying up your debt becomes an official court order. In order to formalize your restructured payment plan, they will file a court petition with the appropriate authorities.

Criteria to meet when you apply

  • You must be able to make an acceptable offer to your creditors in order to avoid being subject to debt review.
  • Personal information such as e-mail address, name and surname, company/organization name, registration/identity number, physical location, IP address, financial information (bank account particulars), telephone number, views, and preferences

You won't be subject to legal action from your creditors while in debt counseling, and you'll only have to make one low-cost monthly payment, leaving you with enough cash to cover your regular monthly obligations.  Take pleasure in more content and stress-free you. Debt Rescue can help you get out of debt.

Benefits of using Debt Rescue

  • Regulated costs.
  • Professionals are in charge.
  • incredibly simple to carry out.
  • an extremely high percentage of accomplishments.
  • respect for the privacy of others is assured.
  • Help with a variety of languages.
  • Attorneys with specialized knowledge.
  • One of South Africa's most well-regarded debt counselors.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2021

I simply wanted to thank you for your quick response and assistance. The notion of being rejected was terrifying to me, yet Debt Rescue came through for me. Remarkably good customer service.

Evan B
— Polokwane —

February 2021

I'd like to thank you for your help in my recovery. My financial situation was in a difficult position five years ago, and I had to devise a strategy to get myself out of debt. You helped me and ...

Lean J
— Pretoria —

April 2021

I've been quite pleased with the service I've received over the last few weeks. I appreciate your help with this and the ability to take back control of my finances.

Zulu V
— Soweto —

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  • PO Box 7241, Birchleigh, 1621, South Africa

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