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Yebo Loans

  • Quick loans up to R5,000
  • Flexible Repayment Terms
  • Repayment up to 6 months

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About Yebo Loans

Yebo Loans delivers a range of flexible credit solution to South Africans across the country. 

Established back in 2005, they already have numerous satisfied customers and have gained vast experience in the financial industry. Their head office is in Port Elizabeth, but they operate nationwide. 

They value all their clients and try to understand each of their individual needs before offering a possible solution. 

Affordable loan options

Yebo Loans offer a full spectrum of loans in South Africa. You can readily select a loan amount, term and repayment schedule to ensure and maximise flexibility, safety, and affordability.

This lender is dedicated to working with people who have a bad credit record or that have been blacklisted. They welcome you to apply for their easy loans because they understand that times can get tough.

Yebo Loans will listen to you and find a solution best suited to your circumstances. They make loans simple, fast, and easy and their services are professional and friendly.

Yebo Loans Services

This flexible lender takes pride in offering a wide range of personal finance products for every need.

Yebo Loans offer between R5 000 and R 120 000 with flexible repayment terms. 

What makes their financial solutions stand out? They offer quick loans online which are faster, cheaper, and more tailored to actually meet your needs.

Fast, automatic approvals

Once you fill out the online application form, they'll get back to you straight away. They have fast approval simply because their verification steps are processed automatically.

Yebo Loans offer the best interest rates on the market, one of the main reasons why their customers come back every time.

They'll design the repayment terms and loan details based on your personal profile and needs. 

Yebo Loans make things convenient, simple, and hassle-free. Yebo assures you, that you're in good hands and that your needs will be dealt with timeously.

Yebo Loans – Quick loan

  • Loan Type Quick loans
  • Loan Amount up to R5,000
  • Repayment 1 month to 6 months

Benefits of Yebo Loans

  • PERSONAL Loans 
  • INSTANT Cash Loans
  • PAYDAY Loans

Quick loan calculator

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The pride of Yebo Loans is their incredible delivery speed

Even with effective budgeting and careful spending, a cash emergency can catch you off guard.

In this situation, a fast and reliable microloan can prove to be invaluable. Yebo Loan understands your needs and will tailor a favourable solution for you. 

By delivering quality online loans in South Africa, Yebo Loans has gained a number of loyal customers. You can use their services no matter where you are, thanks to their online application system.

Loans for bad credit

Yebo Loans work exclusively with employed individuals but do not exclude those who are blacklisted. However, they don't provide products and services to people who are self-employed, to those who have commission-based earnings, and to those who are pensioners.

The loan application process is completed entirely online. You can submit the required supporting documents by fax or email for maximum convenience.

The processing time should not take more than a few hours, provided that your application is complete. Once you sign the loan agreement, the cash will be deposited into your preferred account automatically.

All of these factors make the loans quite speedy

These loans are quite useful when you find yourself in a cash emergency. With the professional assistance of Yebo Loans, you can find loan offers up to R120,000.

Their personal loans are unsecured which means you don't have to provide any security in order to get a loan. Their interest rates are flexible and repayments are designed to suit your individual requirements.

Tailor-made loans

You can choose a repayment term that will best suit your needs. You should try to strike the right balance between affordability and convenience.

The interest rates are competitive but are based entirely on your creditworthiness so they can vary considerably. People who are blacklisted can expect to pay higher rates than those with a clean credit record.

Enjoy direct access to instant cash

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quick Yebo Loans are, you’ll find that they are fast and offer a good amount of flexibility.

We all need a little extra cash at times. If you're experiencing a financial shortage, Yebo Loans welcome you to apply for credit so that you can improve your financial situation.

Their loans can take you out of financial trouble and help you balance things out. You'll be able to pay for unexpected medical bills, wedding expenses, repair your vehicle or cover funeral expenses. It doesn’t matter what the need is, Yebo Loans can help.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

I thought Yebo Loans would take a few days to get back to me on my loan application. To my surprise, it only took a few hours!

Godfrey J
— Lichtenburg —

May 2019

Applying for the Yebo Loans was fast, easy and convenient. Their online system is straight forward.

James G
— North West —

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