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Cashflow Capital

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About – Cashflow Capital

Cashflow Capital is committed to providing a service to our business clients in South Africa, who need the capital to grow their business. We offer a diverse service and financial solution to meet the needs of businesses adding to the economy of the country.

We offer debt and equity financing for Acquisition and Development loans, Equity/Capital placements, Online loans, Special circumstances, Credit tenant financing, Income producing properties with Life insurance companies, Pension funds, Conduits, Banks, Private lenders, Institutional investors, Hedge funds, and Individual investors and Professional funds.

Reach your business goals with our help

We help our clients to understand and work on the business goals, as well as provide the resources to help them get there. We are experienced in assisting our business clients with a simple step to step process, paving the way for their development through relationships and networking in the right areas.

Your financial business partner

We are investors and developers, who take your business to a whole new level, with knowledge and guidance. Whatever your business goals may be, let us help you make them a reality. Contact us today, and let us change your life for the better. We have the right people with the right qualifications to give you a helping hand.

Services – Cashflow Capital

We want to assist you with your business goals, through a time when you feel there is no help available.

We understand the pressures on your shoulders when you feel your business is stuck in the middle and going backwards instead of forwards. When you need to take a jump to see your full potential, let us be there to hold your hand.

Additional guidance for business growth

We offer assistance with your business investment plan, which will help you take your business journey to a more prosperous and lucrative one. With the guidance of professionals, you will see your journey going forward in a whole new light.

Get the capital you need for a more positive cash flow

Having properties allows you the security you need to find a loan to expand, create and drive your business further. You can find a business investment team who are familiar with the market. We source the best property loan in the business market that will suit your budget and the business industry you want to go into.

Summary of Services

  • BUSINESS Loans

Cashflow Capital is your all-in-1 solution for your business needs

We know the development market, and can guide you in the right direction, with the value-added services of our expert property developers, who have their eyes and ears on the ground, and hear about investments before anyone else does.

We know just how to provide the service you need when it comes to growing your business or giving it a little extra capital to boost it from a stagnant stage. In order to grow and develop your business further, you need to get some extra cash. We have the solution you need, to take your business further.

We are able to assist you with the following services

Another unique service we offer is we assist clients who want to purchase a business that is already trading. If you are planning on buying an existing business, which is already up and running, you can benefit from this because:

  • The business already has a current cash flow
  • The business has a client base which you can continue to work with
  • You do not have to build the business from the ground up – the business is already up-and-running

Other requirements

When verifying your criteria for one of our services, we look at a number of qualifications in order to be approved. We will need information on the following:

  • Credit History – what credit you currently have
  • Cash Flow – your turnover and what your expenses are
  • Collateral – do you have security?
  • Management – how many shareholders, directors etc. are involved?
  • Capital and Equity – is your business making money?

We need to look at the risk and reward of your application in order to make the business finance work for you. We will guide you and assist you with valuable business information that can make your business profit going forward.

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