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Justmoney is a home loan specialist with a large number of clients from all over South Africa. Our advisory and quote service is professional, unbiased and completely free of charge. We give you access to the best mortgage products available from the leading lenders in the country. All you have to do is to make a choice.

absolutely everything which you need

We provide full assistance with choosing the right options as well. You can take advantage of our free online guides and tools. We provide full individual assistance when you contact us. We help you with absolutely everything which you need to get the personal finance for purchasing or building a new home.

Services – Justmoney

Justmoney.co.za helps you find the best personal finance deals in South Africa. Our service is simple, fast and easy. We have a large number of product categories including bank accounts, credit cards and savings accounts. You simply need to pick a category and we will provide quotes from the top companies in the country.

tools and assistance

You will get all the information, tools and assistance which you require for the property finance comparison. You will save money, time and effort. With the best product, you will have peace of mind about your money and about your financial stability. The service is run entirely online and can be accessed from any place at any time.

Summary of Services

  • First-time Home Buyer
  • House Buying 
  • Home Loans 
  • First-time Investment 
  • Home Financing

Justmoney Home Loans - Do They Offer What You Want?

It is great to have your own home where your children will grow. The first step towards buying your dream house is the securing of finance. This Justmoney home loans review will evaluate these finance options to help you determine their quality and decide on their usefulness to you.

Justmoney is a leading provider of financial services in South Africa. Its job is to match home buyers to lenders and it does it quite well. It has a dedicated online service which features some of the most comprehensive guides and advice articles. You can also ask a question and get direct expert answer online.

The whole service is completely free of charge. It is an excellent choice for all those who have little knowledge in finance and want to ensure that they will get the best possible mortgage deal in terms of interest rate and repayment schedule.

offered in partnership with Nedbank

The Justmoney home loans are offered in partnership with Nedbank, which is one of the leading lenders in South Africa. You will get professional advice and assistance with everything which you need from deciding on the right product to making the application. You can select from three main options.

The Ordinary Home Loan is designed for financing the purchase of an existing property. You can select between variable and fixed interest rates depending on your level of risk tolerance. One of the special advantages of this simple home loan is that you can redraw any additional amounts which you have used for repaying it.

obtain a Building Loan

You can also obtain a Building Loan which is designed to provide finance for the building of a house. Again, you can choose either variable or fixed interest rate. You will have the opportunity to pay off the loan sooner and save on interest. The HomeVision loan allows you to register a bond for a larger amount than the needed loan amount.

You will be able to access the extra funds at a later stage. This gives you maximum flexibility. You can choose the type of interest rate which you want. This review's conclusion is that the Justmoney home loans are a great savvy choice for virtually all home buyers.

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