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FNB Home Loan

  • Fixed interest rate
  • Low-interest starting from 9.75%
  • Repayment up to 240 months

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[Accessed December 12, 2022]

FNB - The oldest bank in South Africa

Individuals, married couples, corporations, trusts, and limited liability companies are all eligible to apply for a home loan from FNB.

FNB will assist you in every step you take toward your ideal home loan. Their home loans are perfect for first-time buyers as well as seasoned buyers.

Home loans to accommodate you

When qualifying for a home loan, your income will be examined from two sources: your job and your savings. Individuals in the first income category earn less than R125,000 per month before deductions in order to qualify. People who earn more than R125,000 per month before deductions are classified as belonging to the second group.

Home loans can be your solution

The most efficient method of obtaining the finances necessary to purchase an existing house is through a home loan. Additionally, there are other options and features that may be added to this home loan to build an entirely unique solution that is tailored to your personal requirements.

Home loans made for convenience

For your convenience, they offer a variety of financing options and services to assist you throughout the entire home loan process. FNB makes every effort to make the process of purchasing a home as simple as possible for its customers.

It's all in the FNB App

From the moment you take control of the property, you can be confident that it will be protected against theft and vandalism.

FNB will help you sort out all of the details regarding the insurance of your home loan.

Purchase a tract of undeveloped land

Take the first step toward the home of your dreams. It is sometimes more advantageous to purchase a piece of vacant land to help you on the journey to your perfect home. As time progresses and your income increases you will be able to build your way up to the home you desire.

Enjoy home loan benefits

It is not required to spend a lot of money on a will in order to have one prepared. You will not be charged for the services of a professional, and you will receive 1000 eBucks reward level points as a thank you for taking part in the home loan program.

FNB will assist you with registration

When purchasing or selling real estate, it is necessary to take into account registration and transfer fees. There are two payment choices available: a one-time payment and a monthly payment.

FNB offers multiple home loan options

FNB's home loan offers a variety of loan types and payment alternatives, including Further Loans, Flexi Loans, Future Usage Loans, and Readvances. They aim to give you different options to choose from so that you can be in control of your own mortgage.

FNB Home Loan – Home loan

  • Loan Type Home loans
  • Interest Rate from 9.75%
  • Repayment 240 months

Benefits of FNB Home Loan

  • Repayment up to 240 months
  • Fixed interest rate

Let us take care of all your home finance needs

To begin the process of obtaining a home loan from FNB, simply follow these simple instructions.

Steps to apply

  1. An offer to buy a house should be prepared.
  2. Make sure you have evidence of income and a valid form of identification.
  3. A copy of your South African IB book or card, as well as a marriage certificate, are required by FNB when applying for a home loan.
  4. Apply for a home loan using the FNB website or a local branch, or request a callback through the company's website.

There are several requirements that you must complete before you apply for a loan with FNB.

Home loan criteria

  • Individuals must earn at least R25,000 each month to qualify for a home loan
  • If you apply as a team, one of you must earn at least R25,000 per month
  • At least R600,000 worth of property
  • It's best if you're over the age of 18
  • You must have a clean credit report
  • You must be able to afford FNB's monthly payment
  • You must be of sound mind and body to sign the home loan

As a customer of FNB, you'll receive excellent customer service, assistance with the home loan application process, and more. Consider applying for a home loan from FNB when you're ready to take the next step toward owning your dream home.

The benefits of an FNB mortgage

  • The bond registration attorney's costs are discounted by 50%.
  • Interest rates that are tailored to the individual.
  • eBucks are capped at eB61000, therefore you get 50% back.
  • To keep your home in good condition, FNB will help you locate the assistance you need.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

March 2021

I could not believe how accommodating FNB was. They helped me during the application and with finalizing the final details for my home loan. Now I am the proud owner of my very first home. Thank ...

Lelanie G
— Parys —

October 2021

FNB gave me the best advice which enabled me to apply for a home loan that worked with my personal needs. Thank you for all your help.

Adrian B
— Mongang —

September 2021

I am a single mother who needed the stability of a permanent residence for me and my child. I was very pleased with how accommodating FNB was. Their advice made it possible for me to buy a home I...

Brenda Lawrence
— Sandton —

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