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About – Cash Loans SA

Cash Loans SA is based in Cape Town but serves all South Africans through providing quick cash loans online.

Our service is based on simplicity & integrity.

All our terms and conditions are placed on our website and customers have instant access to them at all times. We offer a fast and secure online application. Our customer support team consists of experienced specialists who are able to answer all kinds of questions and provide detailed information and advice at any time.

We strive to process applications in minutes rather than in hours and to deliver the cash to our clients' accounts right away.

Services – Cash Loans SA

Cash Loans SA is a well established credit provider with excellent reputation.

The micro lender specialises in the provision of flexible personal loans from R2000 to R15 000. The interest rates are competitive while the terms and conditions are straightforward and simple to understand.

The standard loan term is 12 months.

This is plenty of time for the average credit user to repay what they owe. We accept applications from people with a bad credit score. However, this can result in shortening of the term of the loan.

he typical repayment period in such cases is six months.

Summary of Services

  • Personal Cash Loans 
  • Quick Personal Cash Loans
  • Small Personal Cash Loans 
  • Same Day Personal Cash Loans

Cash Loans SA – Cash from a reliable micro lender easily & quickly.

There are all kinds of urgent cash expenses that can come up from time to time. In order to deal with them, you need to be able to borrow cash from a reliable micro lender easily and quickly.

This review of the instant cash loans of Cash Loans SA will help you decide whether this lender and their products will be useful for you.

Cash Loans SA is a small private micro lender based in Cape Town. The company operates online, however, and this gives it the opportunity to cater to the needs of consumers from all over South Africa.

It has been around for quite some time and it enjoys good reputation among its customers.

The instant cash loans of Cash Loans SA require an online application.

Save a lot of time & effort.

You can expect your application to be processed within a few hours, but delays are possible when the volume of applications is high. When you get approved and sign the loan agreement, the cash granted to you will be wired to your bank account right away.

This means that you can have the money on the next day and possibly even on the same day. The speed of the service is satisfactory.

With Cash Loans SA, you can borrow between R2,000 and R15,000.

This is a lot more than competitors have to offer. You can use the money not only for covering cash emergencies, but for making home repairs, buying appliances or paying the school fees of your kids.

The repayment term is longer in order to correspond to the larger loan amount. You will have 12 months to repay the loan. The interest rates are competitive.

However, since the term of the loan is longer, you can expect the total interest payment to be higher.

This lender sets specific eligibility criteria that you must take into account.

You have to be a South African citizen, aged 18 to 65, and earn a monthly income of at least R3 000.

You can qualify for a loan even if you are blacklisted, but you will have to repay what you owe in 6 months. This will make the monthly payments higher.

This review's verdict is that the instant cash loans of Cash Loans SA are quick and easy to obtain and can be helpful.

 Contact Details

Brackenfell, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7560, South Africa
Ph: 072 080 4844 / 0212021679
Em: [email protected]

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:30 – 17:30
  • Tuesday 08:30 – 17:30
  • Wednesday 08:30 – 17:30
  • Thursday 08:30 – 17:30
  • Friday 09:00 – 17:30
  • Saturday Closed –
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