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About Cash Drive

Cash Drive is a South African car seller company that will give you cash for your vehicle and still allow you to drive it.

They have over four decades of experience in the South African Motor Trade and a team of expert staff who are more than capable of helping their clients with their purchases.

Benefits of partnering with Cash Drive

  • They offer fast and discreet assistance with an emphasis on client privacy
  • Client information will not be shared with third parties
  • Cash Drive ensures that its packages are tailored to allow the customer to purchase their asset back
  • There are no hidden fees, and they provide transparent communication
  • Quick receipt of cash

The process of pawning your car

In just a few easy steps, you can sell your car for cash and still be able to drive it. Pawn my car; this means that you use it as collateral to secure funds to assist you with any financial shortages you might be experiencing. The amount Cash Drive will pay you for the vehicle depends on the car’s resale value.

They will also take the vehicle’s condition, mileage, and trade value into consideration before they make you an offer. Additionally, how old your car is and its service history are also factors. You will still be allowed to drive your car or another vehicle given to you by the company that is the same model as your car at a fixed monthly rental fee.

First, you can either apply online or contact Cash Drive, and they will call you back. You will need to provide them with details on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation if you choose the online process.

Cash Drive Services

Once you have uploaded the relevant paperwork, a consultant will contact you about how to proceed.

Next, you must bring your car in for inspection and evaluation. They will then decide on a value that they will be able to give you for the vehicle. Once you review their offer and accept it, they will process the transaction, verify your asset, and transfer the money into your account. They will also install a tracker in the vehicle.

The required documents

  • Certificate of Registration in Respect of Motor Vehicle (RC1 form), which indicates you are the owner of the motor vehicle, your SA identification document
  • Your current driver’s license,
  • proof of address (from the last three months),
  • If you want to increase your chances further, bring along your service history book, which will increase the value.

 What you need to qualify

  • An essential requirement is owning an asset in your name, such as a motor vehicle (car, bakkie, motorcycle), boat, caravan, or even a tractor.
  • You must be the registered owner of the asset. As the legal owner, you must sign the appropriate paperwork and indicate which account the funds need to be transferred to.
  • Your vehicle must be roadworthy and safe
  • Your car should already be paid off in full
  • Documents: RC1 papers, driver’s license, proof of residence.

Cash Drive – Car Pawn

  • Loan Type Car Pawn

Benefits of Cash Drive

  • Instant approval
  • Get professional services
  • Free vehicle evaluation

Pawning your car has never been easier

The most significant advantage to using Cash Drive is that you can still operate your vehicle and get the money you require.

 Selling/pawning your vehicle

  • If your cash flow has slowed down and you need money at short notice, you can get cash to afford those bills, develop your business, and more with Cash Drive
  • There are no hidden costs, fees, or high-interest rates involved
  • Since it is not a loan, there are no credit checks or affordability limits
  • The car rental monthly fee is significantly lower than a car rental service company charges for long-term use. Additionally, Cash Drive includes insurance in the rental price
  • Pawn car for cash in South Africa, Cash Drive’s services are competitive

 Sell your car and still drive it with Cash Drive

With Cash Drive, you can get the money you need and still drive your car. You will be able to rent your vehicle at a flexible rate per month until you can purchase the car back for the same amount you paid for it. This means you can access the money you are short on and carry on driving your car. The whole process is simple, beneficial, and hassle-free!

This is a quick and straightforward way to lend money to provide an easy solution to your financial problems at short notice. Sometimes it might be taxing to deal with traditional banks or official financial lenders. That is where Cash Drive can assist you. With Cash Drive, you can access the cash value of your asset and still be able to drive it.

This is a speedy way to get a lump sum amount without the burden of credit checks, weeks of waiting, and endless paperwork. There are no restrictions on what you use the funds for; you may use it for your small business or cover unforeseen bills. Cash Drive is here to help you help yourself.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

November 2018

It was the best decision we ever made. We sold our car with Cash Drive but could still drive it for an affordable rate! Special thanks to the staff for helping us get sorted so quickly. They were...

Thato K
— Randburg —

July 2019

I would like to thank Layla from Cash Drive. She made the experience of selling my car so simple. She provided me with great advice and answered all my questions with patience and attentiveness.

Maria S
— Rosebank —

April 2019

Great customer service! Cash Drive helped me out when I was struggling financially. Their amazing team was so kind and understanding.” – Letoya, B (Krugersdorp)

Letoya B
— Krugersdorp —

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